Personal exercise plan

I always liked sports, sports for me is something that enjoyed playing. For this course work, I have chosen to complete a circuit-training programme. This is because I need to improve my chosen sport, which is Netball, I have chosen Netball because I am quite familiar with this sports. I have been plying netball for three years now, and I see my self as intermediate player. I also enjoy playing the sports. Seeing as netball is fast game and is mainly about running, jumping, throwing, catching, attacking, defending, and scoring or stopping goals being scored, it require me to be a good team-mate and therefore would like to improve them with my exercise plan

To help me improve this very important skills I have chosen to take part in six weeks long exercise, and in those weeks, I will be improving the specific fitness levels required for netball In netball, the fitness that can be improved is speed. Speed in netball is the ability to move around in the court in the quickest possible time. Aim My aim for this exercise plan is to improve my level of playing netball such as centre player, and defender, and become more successful by improving my current standard.

Pre-tests Before carrying out my circuit, I will be doing a pre-test that are appropriate to the aspects of a netball player. My aim for this is to improve my level of fitness. I will carry out the pre tests so that at the end of the personal exercise plan I can see how fit I was before and after carrying out the circuit. I have tested myself for stamina, strength, agility, and flexibility. Also at the end of the personal exercise plan, I will do the same tests to show how much I have improved.

The following table shows the resting heart rate and the recovery time for all the pre-tests, I took.
Stamina- (also known as aerobic capacity or cardio-respiratory endurance) this is ability to work long period with out getting tired, Is the ability for our hearts and lung system to cope with activity over a period. We can improve our stamina by taking part regular in any exercise involving the whole body. If we want to do that then we must keep our heart rates between 60-80%.

We measure stamina by finding how much oxygen we can in one minute of maximum exercise. If I want to improve my stamina, then I will be doing multistage fitness test (beep test). To do this I have to perform a number of 20 minutes metre shuttle runs in time to beeps from a pre-recorded tape. After each minute, the intervals between each beep get shorter, so my running has to increase. However not to do this instead I decided to do cooper 12-minute run. This test is to run as far in 12 minutes as I can around a marked area. The total distances I run is what I’m going to record, and compare my self-with the national aerobic chart for 15-16 yrs old (below)

Is a period of general exercise using the whole body, in preparation for physical activities? To prevent any injuries, I will make worm up and cool down session before each session is carried out. I will be using warm up to begin my training sessions and cool down at the end of my training sessions. Netball demands rapid reactions, and my warm-up will reflect this. My approach will be dynamic using short bursts of speed. I will begin with my warm-up with dynamic running activities such as forward, backward, and sideways running. I will be stretching between running activities. I will be stretching the large muscle groups, such as hamstring, quadriceps, groin, calves, back, arms, and shoulders.

-The stretches that I will be following are, starting at the top of my body. First I will work out my neck, do this I will tilt my head right and hold it for 8 seconds. The repeat this tilting my head to the left for eight seconds as well. I will be folding my right arm over the back of my head touching my left shoulder, holding this stretch for 8 seconds. I will be repeating the same with my left arm this time touching my right shoulder. This exercise is to stretch my arm muscles that are biceps and triceps.

-The third stretch is called shoulder blade hug, which requires me to hold my arm across my chest. I will be holding my elbow and pulling it gently until I feel stretch across the back of shoulder. For this, I will be stretching it for eight seconds. -Then will rotate my hips in all directions working out my latissimus dorsi and gluteus muscles. -Subsequently, I will be stretching my leg muscles. First, I place the right leg in front of the left leg, then stretch it, until I feel the gastronomies and hamstring muscles stretch. I will repeat this with my left as well, each holding for eight seconds.

-Next I will be holding my right foot with my hand stretching towards my beck causing my leg to fold, until I feel a gentle stretch along the front of my thigh this is to stretch my quadriceps. I will then repeat this with my other leg, each holding it for eight seconds. -Lastly, I will point my feet up, and down, left, and right, again I will be holding each leg for eight seconds. This is to stretch the feet muscles.

Cooling down

After training sessions or competitions, it is important to decrease your body temperature gradually, until your normal body temperature is reached. The reason for cool down is that it has the opposite affect to the warm up. It is important to allow your heart rate gradually slow down. Light exercise makes sure that the blood continues to circulate well and prevents it pooling in the skeletal muscles. It will also delay on set muscle soreness and stiffness. To cool down after my training, I will begin with gentle jogging activities, followed by sustained stretching of the major muscle groups. This will take about 15 minutes and quarter of the time I will be spending on stretching.

I have chosen to base my personal exercise plan on netball because it is a sport that I have participated in since primary school and that I enjoy and understand. The positions I usually play are goal attack and centre, …

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Introduction- my personal exercise plan is going to be based on fitness. The reason why I chose fitness is because it’s the sport that I feel contsains the most amount of sport that I enjoy and am at my best …

The purpose of doing a personal exercise plan is to be able to plan an exercise routine that is significant to you. It is no good copying anyone else’s because they could be focussing on weight training and mainly increasing …

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