Personal exercise plan

The purpose of doing a personal exercise plan is to be able to plan an exercise routine that is significant to you. It is no good copying anyone else’s because they could be focussing on weight training and mainly increasing their strength, and maybe you are happy with your strength and want to improve on your cardiovascular so there plan is useless for you. For my personal exercise plan I am going to be focussing on building up my strength on all areas of my body but mainly my upper body and also my cardiovascular fitness because it is not of a high standard at this moment in time.

I am going to be doing this because my main sport I play is football; my position is either in the midfield or sometimes in defence. You have to be able to hold off the opposition by using your strength and I have been lacking this. Also my cardiovascular fitness is not as good as I would want it to be so I am going to try and improve on this as well. My Details Name > Scott Stannard My Age > 17 Gender > Male Height >1. 70 m Weight > 65 kg Health Problems or injuries > Occasionally bad ankle, but infrequent.

Activities Take Part In > Football play for the school depending on if we have a game Wednesday and Saturday. Also go to the gym around 3 times a week, sometimes play tennis/squash/badminton. Facilities Used > School gym and also private club (David Lloyd) Scott Stannard Health Related Specifications Aerobic Endurance – a good high level of cardio-vascular fitness is needed because playing football for 45 minutes straight you are nearly continuously working. Speed – need to move quickly both in attack and defence, either when chasing after attacker or when in possession with the ball on the attack.

Strength – building up upper body strength will be more important for me than building lower body because I will need to hold the ball up from the opposition a lot. Although I will be running a lot I do not need to build up great muscles in my leg because they will develop just as good from doing cardiovascular work. Flexibility – This is needed because you will be moving your body around in different positions all the time when you are challenging for the ball, taking a throw in and also shooting.

Being more flexible will increase the risk of any injury especially in your legs and back. Safety considerations So I don’t damage any muscles whilst carrying out my personal exercise plan I will be aiming to have at least a days rest in between each time I exercise. A cool down is beneficial for your body to slowly recover from a strenuous work out. When exercising, your heart is pumping blood to the working muscles. This blood is carrying both oxygen and nutrients that the working muscles need. When the blood reaches the muscles the oxygen and nutrients are used up.

The force of the exercising muscles pushes the blood back to the heart where it is re-oxygenated. When you stop exercising the force that pushes the blood back to the heart also stops working. The blood and waste products like lactic acid stay in the muscles this is what causes pain and also swelling. Scott Stannard Warm Up Professionals say that for aerobic or cardiovascular exercise you should tend to do low- intensity endurance exercises to gradually increase your heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to my muscles.

It is recommend that your activity should be: They say that doing a warm up for resistance exercises you should do a light activity to make the muscles warm like walking and as well do a light-resistance work on the exercise you are about to do to prepare your muscles for the greater resistance on that exercise. I tend to do a proper warm up when I go to David Lloyd this will either consist of a 500m row or 10 minutes on a treadmill, 5 minutes walking then 5 minutes or less slow jog.

When at the school gym sometimes but not always I will do less than a 500m row or start by doing light weights. I will try and stretch all the areas on my body that I will be focusing on during that particular session Cool Down Usually when I go to the gym after I finish my workout I usually do not cool down which is not very good because I forget or I am rushed for time. Really you should spend between 3 to 5 minutes doing easy exercise after you finish your workout. You should use the same type of exercises that you were doing previously in your workout.

For example if your workout involved a lot of running, in your cool down you should be doing light jogging or walking. Personal trainers say that you should include some deep breathing for a couple of minutes as part of an easy exercise to help oxygenate your system. Follow by doing about 5 minutes stretching on all areas so you do not get cramp. They recommend that you drink plenty of water after you finish exercising to re-fuel your body or have a sports drink like lucozade. If you want to eat anything straight after a workout you should tend to eat fruit because it is easy to digest.

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