P.E Fitness Tests

When I order my circuit I will not work on one part of the body twice because if I do this it will make me tired and will slow my level of performance. For example I will not do press ups and straight after that chin ups instead I will rest them and do press ups and then running. I chose this because although you use your arms for running it is putting more pressure on the legs. Before my exercise I will warm up which will consist of jogging lightly, side steps and stretching this will prepare me for the circuit as my body will be warm and less prone to injury. I will then repeat this at the end of the session to help spread the lactic acid so I do not wake up sore in the morning. It will also help me recover better.

I will also conduct my exercise in a proper and safe manner by looking out for others as well as myself by checking if equipment is set out correctly and looking out for any potential hazards. I have also decided to have a 30 second to 1 minute rest between each activity to rest and help recover from the previous activity. This will also allow my pulse rate to slow down. Appropriateness of chosen exercises I have chosen dribbling and shooting because I think theses are two important skills in football. I want to improve my dribbling and shooting because dribbling will also develop my agility. In addition, if I can dribble well it will allow me to cope when I am in a tricky situation and help me wrong foot and go past an opponent.

I want to improve shooting so I can be more clinical when I am presented with a chance to score which will therefore increase my goals to game ratio. The main thing I want to increase is my stamina if my stamina increases it will enable me to have an extra edge in the dying minutes of a match which could be a vital factor in me lasting the full 90 minutes. My stamina will also allow me to run for longer and help me get around the court in badminton.

This is for general health and not only for specific exercises. If I couple all of theses skills together I think I will become a better player. However, 5 sessions will not be enough and if the circuit is successful I will carry on doing this circuit at home. I think these exercises will help me achieve my targets because I know how to do these activities correctly already and I have seen professional footballers do them on television so if the professionals do this it must be correct as it is successful for the people who perform at the highest level.

Football is in the middle of its seasn and so extra must be taken that competitors do not get injured because at this time they are still playing. If they get injured it will ruin the momentum and disrupt the team. My circuit is specific to football and is well balanced because it concentrates on all muscles especially the legs. Because it consists of skipping, dribbling, shooting, press ups, sit ups, squats, chin ups, shuttle runs. Also there is a balance between how much rest and exercise I do so I do not collapse out of exhaustion.

My training will progress each time because if the circuit is too easy the first time I will increase the number of sets and reps or increase the time limit for my chosen activity (e.g. dribbling from 1min to 1min 30secs). This will make me work harder each session. On the other hand if I find it too difficult I will decrease the number of sets and reps or the time limit. Specificity- any training must be sustainable, or specific, to the physical activity or sport you are training for. Which will provide different results which will be depending on – individuals will respond differently to the same methods – each activity will have different, and specific, demands.

Progression- as your body adjusts to the increased demands which you are putting upon it, so that demand must be steadily increased. Overload- this is making the body work harder in order to improve it. It can be done by: – frequency (how many times you do it. Increase the number of times) – intensity (working harder) – duration (how long you do the activity for. Increase the duration) Reversibility- This is when the training is decreased or stopped. It is the opposite to progression. This is normally when a player has sustained an injury.

My circuit was well planned. I knew exactly when and where each exercise was going to be set out because I had a trial run, to test out all my stations. I also knew what equipment I needed and how …

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This day will be a day of rest allowing my body to recover after the previous days and previous weeks activities. This is very important as doing too much exercise can create a negative effect rather than a positive one …

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