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Becoming a doctor is one of my lifelong dreams. Hence, as an individual who values academic determination and truly understands the relevance of healthcare for the welfare of mankind, being able to secure an education in the field of medicine is a definitive action to fulfill my childhood aspiration. Virtually, every aspect of the community is in need of proper healthcare, and an important element for such system is the doctors who carry out the most complex health practices in order to meet the needs of many.

The intriguing and complex nature of the medicine world as well as the underlying mechanisms of becoming a part of this field is just some of the important dimensions that further drew me to appreciate this degree and pursue it. Nonetheless, the challenges of becoming a doctor as well as its relevance in the society makes it all the more interesting. My appreciation in the field of medicine occurred to me at a very young age. Being surrounded with relatives who are also in the field of my choice is perhaps one of the many reasons why I wanted to pursue this degree.

To some extent, I have learned from them that a plethora of information can be drawn from the human body. From everyday observation, I have also managed to witness the fulfillment that my uncles felt whenever they were able to save somebody else’s life or cure diseases. From there, I promised to myself that I would also become one of them: a doctor who is dedicated to his profession. My sister also played a significant role in reinforcing my desire to become a doctor.

As a doctor of pharmacy herself, she served as an inspiration for me from the very beginning, and to date, she remains to be the role model that I always look up to, as she is always ready to give time and effort to provide compassionate care for many. Having knowledge and concern about human health, taking pleasure in working with individuals of diverse background, and proving numerous amount of time and energy are just some of the skills needed in order to become a doctor, and I believe that such skills would only be possible through the aid of education and experience.

Throughout my elementary and middle school education, science-related subjects compounded my academic strengths. As such, my proficiency in the said subjects heightened my appreciation for the human body, medicine, and health. My passion for these subjects became stronger during the onset of my high school education. Back then, I underwent training for a year under the Emergency Medical Technician program, which introduced me in the EMT work through exposure to various classroom and field experiences.

The program lectures allowed me to gain knowledge on basic healthcare terminology, history of medicine, as well biomedical principles. However, the most venerating experiences I had in this program took place during the latter parts of the year when we got hands-on experiences through rotation with an ambulance core and hospital alternations. From there, I was able to take a peek at what it is like to become a part of the healthcare industry.

Thus, my experiences as part of the EMT program further catapulted my interest to pursue a career that could land me in the field I have come to love. While I have enjoyed various aspects of health and medicine from my past experiences, the knowledge that I have acquired is not enough for me to completely say that I already have a high level of medicine know-how. Rather, those learning experiences have grown within me to a great extent, further motivating me to increase my medical knowledge, which in the long run would enable me to help other individuals who have the same pursuit as mine.

Nonetheless, by taking up the degree of my choice, I know that I am already a step closer to fulfilling my childhood dream and achieving another aspiration of mine, which is to work and devote my time in underserved countries and be able to have a hospital of my own. I know that these are not easy tasks, but with education and strong advocacy for the betterment of many, I know that in my own ways, I would be able to overcome the challenges that I will encounter.

Taking part in the continual advances in treating patients as well as taking responsibility on helping and educating people about their health is also another reason why I want to become a doctor. As what my primary care doctor taught me, the best compliment that a healthcare professional could get is recommendation from the people he or she has come across with, and on a personal note, I wanted to earn such honor and feel the sense of fulfillment that no other profession would be able to offer. As the field of medicine is a multi-faceted subject that promotes higher health standards, my interest in this field will remain in me.

I know that there are challenges and complexities along the way, but these will not serve as hindrances for me to pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. In order to fulfill my goals, I believe that the (name of program) offered by (name of university) is the right choice for me to embark upon the long journey to become a doctor and advance my future professional life. I know that this university would provide me with a solid teaching foundation through the people who are also passionate about their work and have a broad clinical experience.

With my passion to promote healthcare and my strong skills to interact meaningfully with other individuals, I believe that the university compliments my strong background and individuality. The challenges that the program would lay upon me would serve as an avenue for me to strive hard enough to make my long-time aspirations become a reality. In return, I know that I am an ideal candidate for (name of university)’s (name of program), and I am assuring you that I am fully committed to devote my time and energy to offer substantial contribution to promote higher education.

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