Career in Medicine

The initiative in creating change has always been an integral aspect of man. Equipped with their relative skills and competencies, they engage in various efforts to create opportunities that will improve their capabilities and cater to the service of individuals. Amidst the trials and difficulties in the process, hard work and determination remains to be a vital factor in attaining their desired objectives and purpose in life. With this mindset, I wish to present my intention to apply at this prestigious medical institution to pursue my career in Medicine.

Given the numerous enrollees for this position, I wish to provide the admissions committee my reasons as to why my application should be considered. The first reason is because of my events that shaped my life right now. Looking back at my previous education, it can be described in two words; difficult and complicated. At my previous University, there were several challenges that I had to contend with before eventually succeeding. As with my pervious application to this school, I was rejected but I feel that I was able to overcome this and learn from the experience. However, this did not hinder or stop me from achieving my purpose.

I stood up and took the challenges; used them to my advantage and strived for personal enlightenment and purpose. I eventually understood that I had to go through this stage to endure the setbacks in medical school. Now, I had a better view of what a physician should be; compassionate and considerate. It is in here that I found my calling and willingness to persevere in what I believe in. Pursuing my career in medicine is just the first step in my plan. I would like to have the opportunity to take a bigger role in making the world a better place to live. My main philosophy in life is to lead by setting an example.

I cannot expect others to do what I myself would be willing to do but that does not mean that I cannot hope that others will see the example that I have shown them. This philosophy is one of the many forces that drive me to pursue my dream of pursuing a career in medicine and of becoming so much more in life. The chance to help those who are less fortunate in life, the chance to help those in need, the opportunity to be of service to humanity; these are the reasons why I have selected medicine as the profession that I will pursue; for, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…”

The human involvement that is critical in medicine makes it the ideal profession for me. The remunerations that one can receive from being a doctor are only secondary to the feeling of fulfillment from knowing that one was able to provide support to those in need. Yet this is not the only reason that I have selected medicine. My experience as a tutor for children gave me an insight that I find to be similar to my desire to pursue medicine. The one on one interaction that I had with these students and the direct contact made me realize that there is so much in the profession that I can contribute and also learn from.

That is why I believe that this course is a crucial step for me. My success and my accomplishments here will herald the beginning of the fulfillment of my personal and professional goals. It is said that the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you is your education and that is the one thing that I plan to not only gain for myself but for others as well. As such, I have taken several steps to improve myself. I have begun doing volunteer work with the geriatrics department at Cornell Hospital.

It was through this enriching experience that I was able to not only hone my skills but also learned valuable lessons in relating to patients and others in order to facilitate their treatment. The time and patience that is required by the work at this department trained me well and conditioned me to be prepared for the trials of medical school. I have also begun taking mini medical classes at Harvard. The courses that I took here have been quite informative and helpful. These includes introduction to most of the basic subjects that I will be encountering in medical school.

Aside from this, the program also gives crucial experiences and lessons to give the student a more accurate view of the academic load that one will eventually encounter. I undertook all of these things in view of the ultimate goal of being prepared for the rigors of medical school. One quote made by elected president Barack Obama also captivated and inspired me to hang on to my dreams. He says that: “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress”.

I have realized that I have had a lot against me and that my junior year was not the moment for me to apply to medical school. I needed to grow, learn and adapt to the many changes that were taking place in my life. I had to adapt to my new leadership roles when my family was in a state of crisis. These experiences of mine in life, coupled with the challenges that I have faced to get to where I am, have made me feel human. I was humbled by my sister’s ailment and realized things that are more vital in life; my family. This realization made me reach out to people in need particularly among my countrymen.

It is here that I had developed my longing to serve and cultivated my passion to create better opportunities for other people. In the end, my dedication to upholding my positive ideas and values into a world which I deem this quality most essential is my foremost strength. By sharing and obtaining knowledge, I am confident that the people at this prestigious medical institution will guide me to do that. I owe my unique viewpoints, life experiences and talents to my multicultural background. Due to this, I know how it feels to make adjustments and alternate plans.

I am grateful for my work experience at the hospital and the tutoring program that I had with the students because not only was I exposed to people of different cultures, I was allowed to assist others, better myself and make critical decisions. While I personally believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and that everything a person has in life must come from hard work and perseverance. There are those, however, who are unfortunate in life and therefore I believe that being fortunate in life I must make the most out of the opportunities that come my way.

This has led me to a point in life that many people have not. I have made a firm decision to recommit myself to pursuing my dreams. While there are those who believe that with an ounce of luck and a ton of persistence anything can be accomplished, I believe that there is no reason to expend so much energy and rely on luck. I believe in taking hold of my destiny and carving out a future for myself based on the decisions that I make in life. Life is simply too short and too precious to be left to luck alone.

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