Healthcare industry

Health is undeniably the most significant factor in one’s life. People spend a large sum of money in order to ensure their good health. Thus, in my desire to be a partner of my fellowmen in taking care of their health, I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. I specifically chose to undertake a Master’s program in Healthcare Administration because of my willingness to address the various problems of the healthcare industry.

Moreover, by completing the program, I would be likely exposed to numerous opportunities for self-development, as there are various areas where a graduate of the program may work which are not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling, such as pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, public health agencies, and other financial institutions. Aside from being inspired to help the society, I am also confident that I am suited to be in the Healthcare Administration because of the skills and knowledge I have obtained and developed and my commitment to be active in the healthcare services.

As healthcare administration deals with the management, planning, and evaluation of health, policies, and services, I am aware that the profession requires extensive training, wide experience, and a high degree of professionalism. Nevertheless, I believe that such requirements can be achieved through education, exposure, and experience of considerable extent in the healthcare field. Notably, I finished medical coding program which is essential in the degree program. Despite having a GPA of lower than 2.

0, I am still adamant to pursue the program because of the qualities that I possess which I can confidently say would qualify me for the program. I believe these qualities are essential and helpful in the fulfillment of my duties and responsibilities in the healthcare industry. For instance, through my employment experiences, I have become a skilled professional with an extensive knowledge in manufacturing and service environments. I am also a detail-oriented and organized individual who always aims to achieve consistent results to satisfy the patient’s expectations.

In addition, I am dependable and adaptable; I would definitely fit in any kind of environment. I am also a quick learner who is capable of working independently but enjoys working within an organization. Furthermore, I am energetic and a hard worker, and I find fulfillment in every task assigned to me. In carrying out the responsibilities attached to the profession I have chosen to establish, I believe that these qualities are necessary in fulfilling my duties and responsibilities well.

Aside from my skills and qualities, I am inspired to further my knowledge and skills in healthcare administration because of my desire to help the industry specifically in terms of maintaining the quality of the healthcare services provided to the patients and addressing the problems being faced by this industry. Notably, the healthcare industry still lacks adequate healthcare providers and equipment which are necessary in speeding up the service to those in need. There are also policies that need improvement in order to effectively meet the needs of the people.

Hence, in my desire to be part of the improvement in the healthcare industry, I decided to have a deeper understanding of healthcare which I can achieve by undertaking a Master’s program in Healthcare Administration. I believe that through adequate education, proper training, and the essential qualities that I possess, I am certain that I can contribute in the betterment of the society as a healthcare administrator. I have chosen to take my Master’s in Healthcare Administration at Winston-Salem State University because of the school’s outstanding reputation in the field of education.

Apart from that, the school has absolutely produced many healthcare administrators who have succeeded in their profession and continue to help many people in the industry they are connected with. I am also inspired by the school’s mission of enhancing students not only to be professionals but also to be an asset of the society. I also learned that the school has various facilities open to every student for the enhancement not only of their knowledge but also of their talents and interests. For these reasons, I have chosen Winston-Salem State University to be my partner in the realization of my dream.

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