Medical profession

One of the foremost health disparities that I have witnessed in the community where I belong is the scarcity of health personnel to address the health care needs of the patients. Another is the insufficiency of the hospitals’ response in dealing with the health needs of the community especially during emergencies. Before I entered the medical world, I experienced the hospitals’ shortage as to health providers. Due to these scarcities, only the needs of those who have financial capability and those who are known are given adequate attention than those who have less.

From such experience, I decided to take B. S. degree majoring in biomedical Science for three days. After my studies, I applied as a paramedic. I have decided to serve as a paramedic in my desire to extend help to hospitals. In addition, I was hired as a paramedic because of the hospital’s need for more paramedic. During emergencies, paramedics then were not enough to attend all the patients. When I was hired, our number was not also enough. In addressing such scarcity, all of us worked double-time and extended our time of work so as to handle all of the patients.

In addition to that, I tried to come up with ideas that can help reduce the shortage of medical equipments. In addressing such problem, we have formed a group for the purpose raising funds for medical equipments. Above all, in doing my job, I never choose the kind of people that is should serve. I have treated all patients as equal and they all need adequate medical assistance. Aside from that, I also volunteered to work during my day offs. Rather than spending my time having relaxation or going somewhere, I thought of devoting my time serving the patients.

As for me, it is doing service that fulfills me. Furthermore, through public service, I found the importance of my role in the society. Personally, I have found my calling in medical profession. Being a paramedic, I can proudly say that I had been contributing to the community. However, in my desire to maximize my ability in helping those in needs, I have decided to take up Master of Science of Medical Science Program. Through this curriculum, my knowledge and abilities in providing medical service would be advanced.

In such a way, I would be able to help effectively and efficiently. In addition, the medical degree in Medical Science Program would help me boost my confidence in dealing with patient and in advising them as to their health needs. Moreover, through the program, I would acquire additional knowledge in addressing several diseases. Through which, I can be able to help patients inflicted with different diseases. Having such confidence, many patients would also rely on me which in turn would inspire me to endeavor more in my chosen career.

Such confidence would inspire me in fulfilling my profession. Medical profession is undeniably filled with challenges and trials. Though the program, I will be trained and prepared in facing the odds and trials that may come my way. More importantly, the program will also impart and enhance my innate qualities that are necessary in dealing with the struggles and life of a health provider. For the stated reasons, I have decided to enroll ion such program. In the pursuit of my dream, I know that various trials are waiting for me.

I believe that much effort and patience are expected of me. In addition, I would undergo an arduous struggle in finishing my course. However, through determination and persistence, I know that I will win every battle that I may face through my education. Moreover, my dream to potentially maximize my medical capability of helping my community is supported by my parents and friends. Through many things that continue to inspire me, I believe that my dream would soon be realized.

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Paramedic’s takes hard work and patience, people say it’s not easy becoming a paramedic you need the right education and you must acquire a specific skill. A paramedic makes a good amount of money enough to pay the bills and …

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