Medical Records

On this period of economic recession, many sectors have been experiencing financial hardships. The healthcare industry is experiencing the same crisis as it affected the demands for immigrant workers. In addition, there have been measures implemented to address the drawbacks of recession. Notably, the healthcare sector is also facing issues such as inadequacy in responding in times of emergency. There had also been issues raised that deals with the weakening of the rapport between the healthcare providers and the patients.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry is facing a remarkable issue as to the integration of technology in the medication and treatment. These emerging issues in the healthcare industry have intensely influenced my decision to pursue a career in nursing. Aside from being inclined to technology, I also personally believe that health is the foremost wealth that should be maintained and taken cared of. Based on my experiences and principle, I desired to be counted among the people sacrificing to save lives by providing healthcare services to those in need.

In addition, I also want to contribute in the development of the healthcare sector by imparting my knowledge for the improvement of process or equipment. Through which, I can only find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Additionally, my determination in entering the world of nursing has been inspired by President-elect Obama’s recovery plan which includes deployment of electronic health records for every clinician and hospital in the U. S. (Halamka). This plan of the new president would certainly open more opportunities to nurses.

Besides, technological innovations would be implemented that would eventually demand for technologically inclined people. Through him, I believe that the problems in the healthcare industry will be addressed and that the level of services would be advanced meeting the international standards. Through the changes in the trend, I anticipate that technology is the main factor impacting the nursing profession. Through advancement in technology, many complicated workloads have been simplified. In addition, the resulting effect was more effective and efficient.

Advancement in technology has also advanced the role played by nurses from caretakers to providers because their responsibility involved decision making. Personally, I strongly believe that technology will address the barriers in delivering an exceptional health services to the patient. As for me, I have witnessed the valuable outcome of the use of technology in the nursing sector. When I volunteered in the Emergency Department of a technologically progressive hospital, I had a chance of observing a program used during emergency.

The program was outstanding as it made room visits more efficient both to health care providers and patients. In addition to providing valuable differential diagnosis, the program (EHR) could also be used as a source of billing. Through which, time and effort has been saved by the process. Despite the technological innovation, it is noteworthy that the utilization of technology and the valuable interaction between nurse and patient has been balanced.

Furthermore, this experience has also given me an interest in developing diagnostic software, especially a program that could be used in triage in an emergency setting. This plan may be seen as beyond possibility, but through persistence and determination, I believe that I can achieve my insurmountable dream. In addition, through President Obama’s words, I am confident that my decision in bracing the new world of nursing is timely. Through the integration of technology in the healthcare industry, there would also be more rooms for aspirants like me.

With my desire also to be of service, I am filled with hope that I can survive all the barriers and trials that may come on my path to my dream. Above all, I strongly believe that my calling has been in the nursing profession. References EmaxHealth. (2008). Electronic Medical Records and Obama’s Economic Plan. Retrieved January 14, 2009, from http://www. emaxhealth. com/1/34/27513/electronic-medical-records-and-obama-039-s-economic-plan. html

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