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Paramedic’s takes hard work and patience, people say it’s not easy becoming a paramedic you need the right education and you must acquire a specific skill. A paramedic makes a good amount of money enough to pay the bills and still have some money left over. Being a paramedic requires people’s lives to be in your hands at times and to be able to handle yourself under pressure. This essay will consist of the requirements someone will need: Education, special skills. This passage will also talk about salary and general information about the job.

Paramedics are dispatched by 911 calls. It takes four semesters or two years in college to begin the journey in being a paramedic. A can usually heal the patient at the spot without taking him to the hospital. A starting pay for a paramedic 14,000-18,000. Most of the time paramedics would be dispatched with a fire truck or police officer. They can also volunteer at hospitals and also you can complete an Emt course in 150 hours and paramedic training can go from 750-1500 hours (www. Icc. edu).

In the 1900’s the driver of the ambulance had no medical experience. To become a paramedic the acquirements are complete a training course then enter an EMT paramedic training which will take two years to complete and after that take the nr EMT exam which consist of both written and practical exam. When finished with that you must fill out ad submit an EMT application form to your local ems office. (www. collegegrad. com) Studies show by 2018 the need for paramedics will increase 9% and as of 2009 paramedics received a median salary of 38,523.

Education of being a paramedic can be offered 5 days a week they need to obtain a license and after you complete the courses you can go be an advance EMT the course requires 60hours of education(www. baldwinambulance. com) . Emt work both indoors and out doors indoors when they are dispatched to a scene and indoors like hospitals. They make around 14. 60 an hr or 30,360 a year(www. bls. gov. com). First paramedics were in london to take care of people that had the black plague. The first training began between 1598-1665.

By the early 1960’s experiments in improving care had began with New York being the first to create a mobile coronary care unit(mccu). (www. wikapieda. com ). The paramedic is aallied health professional whos Main focus is to provide advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergent patients who access the Emergency Medical System (EMS). This individual possesses the complex knowledge and skills necessary to provide patient care and transportation. Paramedics function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight.

Paramedics perform interventions with the basic and advanced equipment typically found on an ambulance. The paramedic is a link from the scene into the health care system. Because of the amount of complex decision making, one of the eligibility requirements for licensure requires successful completion of a nationally accredited Paramedic program at the certificate or associates degree level(www. wikapedia. com). In the U. S. , the community college training model remains the most common, although university-based paramedic education models continue to evolve.

These variations in both educational approaches and standards led to tremendous differences from one location to another, and at its worst, created a situation in which a group of people with 120 hours of training, and another group (in another jurisdiction) with university degrees, were both calling themselves ‘paramedics. (www. wikapedia. com) There are many types of accidents which need immediate medical assistance, such as car accidents, childbirth, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and so on.

Injured or sick people are cared for and transported to hospitals or other medical facilities by EMTs, who provide vital attention to a patient’s life. An Emt will put the patient on a stretcher to hold the patient down to take the patient to the hospital. If the patient has minor injuries, transportation to a medical facility may be considered unnecessary, as an EMT may have the training to treat patients with such injuries. Once they have arrived at the medical facility, the patients are transferred to the emergency department, where the EMT reports actions and observations to the staff in the emergency room.

There are usually two EMTs on an ambulance, one driving and the other monitoring the vital signs of the patient. EMTs may also be part of the crew which transports critically injured patients by helicopter to hospitals. All of the above are general duties of an EMT(www. uniteckeducation. com) There are many levels of qualification for EMTs, according to which EMTs may have other specific responsibilities. The proficiency levels for EMTs may be numerically rated from one to four, or qualified as basic, intermediate and paramedic.

There are many police officers or firefighters who have the first level EMT training because usually the police and firefighters are those who arrive first at the scene of the accidents and they must be able to provide basic medical care.

The intermediate EMT level implies more advanced training, such as administrating intravenous fluids, using manual defibrillators, giving shocks in cases of cardiac arrest, and dealing with respiratory emergencies by applying advanced airway equipment and techniques(www.uniteckeducation. com). wanna become a paramedic? research shows a lot of hard work but it will pay off in the end. The money is great and paramedic being layed of is uncommon. It will be a great experience to whoever wants to do it, you cant be afraid of blood,death,amputations because that’s something you will see regularly. One college that has a a good paramedic program is USA(University of South Alabama).

Paramedic’s takes hard work and patience, people say it’s not easy becoming a paramedic you need the right education and you must acquire a specific skill. A paramedic makes a good amount of money enough to pay the bills and …

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