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MEDICAL ASSISTANT DEGREES, CERTIFICATES AND AWARDS CERTI? CATE OF ACHIEVEMENT DESCRIPTION The Medical Assistant program prepares people to work under the direction of physicians and registered nurses in medical o? ces and clinics. Students who complete the certi? cate in medical assistant will have the knowledge which will allow them to comprehend and communicate with medical professionals e? ectively and may provide enhanced employment opportunities in the ? eld once they gain relevant job experience. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES • Medical Assistant.

Gainful Employment: Federal regulations require institutions to provide students with Gainful Employment information for speci? c certi? cate programs o? ered at IVC. Please click on our Programs of Study link to view the information for each certi? cate program: http://www. imperial. edu/courses-and-programs/programs-of-study/ Imperial Valley College Catalog 2014-2015 www. imperial. edu 165 Medical Assistant CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM The Certi? cate of Achievement program is designed for students with personal or occupational goals who wish early employment.

To qualify for the Certi? cate, a student must satisfy the following requirements: (1) complete all courses listed for a particular certi? cate. ; (2) achieve a “C” average (2. 0 GPA) for all courses used to complete the certi? cate; and, (3) ? le a Certi? cate Application form with Admissions and Records by the appropriate deadline(s) identi? ed on the application. TRANSFER PREPARATION Courses that ful? ll major requirements for an associate degree at Imperial Valley College may not be the same as those required for completing the major at a transfer institution o? ering a bachelor’s degree.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university should schedule an appointment with an IVC Counselor to develop a student education plan (SEP) before beginning their program. Transfer Resources: www. ASSIST. org – CSU and UC Articulation Agreements and Majors Search Engine www. CSUMentor. edu – CSU System Information www. universityofcalifornia. edu/admissions /index. html – UC System Information www. aiccu. edu – California Independent Colleges and Universities, Association of http://wiche. edu/wue – Western Undergraduate Exchange Programs.

FINANCIAL AID Paying for the cost of a college education requires a partnership among parents, students and the college. As the cost of higher education continues to rise we want you to know that IVC o? ers a full array of ?nancial aid programs – grants, work study, scholarships, and fee waivers (we do not participate in the federal loan programs). These programs are available to both full and part time students who are seeking a degree or certi? cate.

For those who qualify, ?nancial aid is available to help with tuition, fees, books and supplies, food, housing, transportation, and childcare. Please log onto our website for additional information: ww w. imperial. edu/students/ ?nancial-aid-and-scholarships/ PROGRAM LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Successfully complete front o? ce/administrative externship with an employer assessment of student.

2. Successfully complete back o? ce/clinical externship with an employer assessment of the student. 3. Successfully identify correct medical terminology used in patient care and procedures. MEDICAL ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT MEDICAL ASSISTANT Twenty-six and one-half (26. 5) units required for the certi? cate.

ALL COURSES FOR THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE COMPLETED WITH A MINIMUM GRADE OF “C” OR BETTER. I. Required courses for the certi? cate (26. 5 units) AHP 070 Administrative Medical Assistant I 4. 5 AHP 072 Administrative Medical Assistant II 4. 5 AHP 074 Clinical Externship I 2. 0 AHP 080 Specimen Collection & Lab Procedures 3. 5 AHP 082 Exam Room Procedures 3. 5 AHP 084 Pharmacology & Administration 3. 5 AHP 086 Clinical Externship II 2. 0 AHP 100 Medical Terminology 3. 0 Total Certi? cate Units 26. 5 Total Maximum Units: 26. 5 166 www. imperial. edu Imperial Valley College Catalog 2014-2015.

I have always known I wanted to be in the medical field I just did not know where to start. Deciding to be a medical assistant was and easy choice; it is hands on but not so much that I …

Given the scenario that a medical assistant was charged with taking medication intended for patients. There are actually a handful of factors that could have influenced the role or action of this medical assistant. These factors actually depend on the …

Perform Medical Administration tasks. Specialize in Phlebotomy, Electrocardiograms, Gastroenterology, Intravenous therapy, Human Anatomy, Pharmacology, Medical terminology, Specimen collection, and Laboratory procedure. Proficient in Medisoft, ICD-9 & CPT coding, Microsoft office, and Excel. Good oral and written communication skills. NCCT certification. …

First, I would like to extend my gratitude to those who came up with this wonderful program. I recognize of the great contribution presented by this program to the medical professionals especially those who have the intention of becoming Physician …

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