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For this semester, English Language Proficiency coursework must be done in a pair and I choose Dymphana Johnmy as my partner to do this coursework. This course work instructed us to analyse an authentic article based on several themes that have been set. So we chose to analyse an article on health, entitled Traits Of Thalassaemia. With the selection of these articles we get a lot of information about thalassaemia disease without realizing the possibility that we have it. Moreover, by reading these articles also increase our knowledge about health.

Besides that, this coursework also need us to analyse the selection article about their main points and the supporting details. In addition, we need to recognize the type of sentences and the types of tenses that used in the article. In this coursework also we need to give the personal respons from our reading about the article. As a conclusion this coursework help us in increasing our knowledge in English also improve our skills in scheming and scanning the article.

This article tells about the thalassaemia disease as a whole in terms of meaning, types, how to detect and the complications of thalassaemia patients. Through these article I have learned more detail about the thalassaemia disease. Furthermore, by reading these article I also able to differentiate between anaemia disease and the thalassaemia disease. Beside that these article give me more information about type of thalassaemia. There are two types of thalassaemia disease, alpha thalassaemia and beta thalassaemia and there are three subtypes thalassaemia under these two main types.

Moreover, I have learned how the thalassaemia disease affected the patients. Moreover, by reading these article I have to know how we can detect this disease. For those who want to step into marriage, they were advised to conduct a testing to avoid undesirable to the born child. In addition, in England all pregnant women and newborn babies are offered a thalassaemia test. In my opinion, this is a good effort as it will reduce the diseased society. In Malaysia also we can conduct the test in the government health clinics that offer thalassaemia screening.

How to treat the thalassaemia disease also one of the point in the article that I have gained. The patient can take certain vitamins and supplement ti boost their immunity and strength. Red blood cell transfusion also one of the way to treating thalassaemia. Although this way can stabilize the haemoglobin in the body, there is an effect that can cause the patient has high toxic levels in body. Moreover, this can caused the patient to have the organ failure and early death.

Besides that, this article also teach me that for those who have this disease, they also can lead normal lives, marry and have the children. Having thalassaemia is no reason for decreasing your quality life. Although they can live as a normal family, but they must follow several steps that have been recommended by doctors to remain in a healthy way of life. As a conclusion these article give me or anyone who read the article the knowledge about this thalassaemia disease. Moreover, by reading these article I can correct back my perceptions about thalassaemia patients.

Razuwa Farahin Binti Rosman Alhamdulilah, at last I managed to finished this coursework on time. I have been given opportunity and strength to finish my English Language Profiency Coursework for semester 1. Furthermore, thanks to the English Language lecturer Pn. Kurotul Aini in helping me to complete this assignment. For this semester the coursework must be done in pairs and I choose Dymphana Johnmy to be my partner. Thank you for your cooperation during these tasks.


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