Haemoglobin levels

Thanks also to the classmates who helped in the search for information that is meaningful. This coursework requires me to find an article based on the several themes that have been set. At first I felt difficult to find article in library due to the lack of time. And to solve this problem I decided to buy a magazine in the bookstore. And then I also have some problems to choose the appropriate article for this coursework. So with the help from my partner and the guide from Pn. Kurotul I and my partner have chosen Traits Of Thalassaemia article.

In this coursework helped me to understand how to read an article by the scheming and scanning. In addition, through the reading process also helped me in identifying the main ideas and supporting details in an article. From this coursework also I have gained the knowledge to identify the type of sentences. It help me to understand the detail about the sentences and tenses in English Language Profiency. As a conclusion this coursework help me to improve my English also my knowledge to sit in the examinations.

1. The most common treatment for the major forms of thalassaemia is red blood cell transfusion. 2. Anaemia can cause a child’s growth to be slower. 3. Thalassaemia has been cured using bone marrow transplant 4. Having thalassaemia is no reason for decreasing your quality of life. 5. Bones become thin and brittle with an increased risk of osteoporosis. Tenses Types Sentences Simple Tenses Simple present tenses Simple past 1. How many you know what haemoglobin is?

A gene defect that controls production of either one of these proteins leads to thalassaemia. 3. Sometimes, spleen removal becomes a necessity. 4. Bone marrow contains stem cells that then transform into red and white blood cell that play vital roles for immunity and circulation. 5. They lead normal lives, marry and have children. 1. Often, no treatment is required for the milder forms of the disease although doctors do prescribe folic acid for fatigue and patients also recommended to take certain vitamins to boost their immunity and strength.

With each transfusion, a significant amount of iron is added to the body and over time, these iron deposits build up in the liver, heart and endocrine glands thus causing ‘iron overload’. 3. For patients who have had their spleen removed, there is a higher risk of infection as the spleen is involved in the production of white blood cells that produce antibodies. Tenses Types Sentences Progressive Tenses Present continuous tenses Past continuous tenses 1. Anaemia in turns lead to lack of oxygen in your organs as your blood is not carrying enough oxygen and this can leave a person fatigued.

2. When one gene coding of the alpha globin protein is missing, he person is considered as a silent carrier with no symptoms and no reduction in haemoglobin levels. 3. If you just got married or are thinking of expanding your family, it is always a good adea to go for thalassaemia screening. 1. The simple process is essential for our survival so imagine what would happen if your body was producing abnormal forms of haemoglobin as found in thalassaemia patients?


Ling, S. M. (2012). Traits Of Thalassaemia. In Health & Beauty (pp. 26-29). Selangor: Happy Lifestyle Sdn Bhd. http://grammar.about.com

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