My current fitness levels

My resting heart rate dropped as the sessions went along this shows that the efficiency of my heart was increased My recovery rates dropped also this indicates that my hear gets rid of the deoxygenated blood fast so that I can recover in a shorter time. We will be doing the same session and maybe the same activities but it is imperative to take heart rates heare this will show if your heart rate has improved

Evaluation When we were planning this programme I thought that it would fit my fitness quite well so I thought I would only make minor improvements to my current fitness levels. To improve my levels of fitness a little bit more I think that the programme should have been slightly more challenging these changes can be made by making the sessions longer and on some of the fartlek make the course longer so that the intensity is raised.

I think all of the sessions were put in the rite order because each session targeted 1 main muscle group and if we done 2 sessions that targeted that same set of muscles consecutively this could damage the muscles overall I think this programme was set out quite well. I applied methods so that I did not create overload on my body I also created methods so that I could produce progress such as if I know that I am going to find I session difficult I will try but I will not exceed my limit and also I will make sure I get enough time to rest and recover , if the exercise is something I know I can do I will make sure I work to a high intensity to attempt to improve fitness levels.

I think this selection of sessions where very good, because all of them challenged me and I think did improve the components of fitness that I wanted and more, the sessions all targeted areas of fitness the other 1 didn’t i.e. plyometrics helped with agility and fartlek helped with speed so using all of these sessions improved all the components of fitness I would of liked to improve. Performing When I was performing this programme I had to apply the principles of progression and overload, for example when I was being pushed to hard I would step out and recuperate until I could carry on the same principle occurred when I was not being pushed hard enough I would put more effort into it by setting myself a target of keeping up with sum one who was better than me at that particular discipline.

When I was taking part in theses exercises I thought that they could have been slightly altered to give me a bit more variety other than doing mostly all the exercise running. I think these exercises where correct ones to use as they targeted all the components of fitness that I wanted but they could have been altered so they would not create so much tedium e.g. when we where doing fartlek I think we could have went on a different route compared to round the track or the all weather pitch. In my opinion I think the programme was hard to manage because of the time limit we had 1 hour was not enough tome to set up apparatus and make sure all the ground was safe and to perform and record the actual session I think this programme would have been for more successful if we had more time to perform the necessary requirements for the session.

The exercises I performed I think were in the correct order because in one session I could be working on a principle such as stamina (fartlek) then in the next session I could be focusing on muscular strength (circuit training) this is called alternating muscle groups, so in my opinion the sessions where in the rite order During my whole period of my program I really enjoyed myself and I think I might have improved in some aspects of my fitness, which I what I my goal was before I started this programme also I think I was pushed in certain areas of my fitness like in the sit-up test I got a 4:5 before I started the programme and after I finished the programme I got a 6:0 which is quite a significant difference this proves I have made good progress in that area thanks to my programme.


Monitoring my performance after I had finished the program shows that these were correct exercises to do to raise my fitness I say this because I performed equally well in each session this means that they were all around the same difficulty for me as each other which means I was working around the same all the way through, I did apply overload to the sessions to push myself to get the most out of the programme I set myself a target each session to try and do all of the harder more difficult activities i.e. plyometrics instead of going over the small field markers I decide to go over the hurdles and do maximum reps.

I would say that the exercises were in the correct order because we did not put to much strain on one certain muscle group we mixed it up and exercised the whole body it is important to this because muscles need as much time to rest as they do working on them for maximum improvement, having the exercises in the rite order was helpful to me because it gave me time to get back to full fitness after I sustained an injury in the plyometrics session. I didn’t make any changes to the programme because I think it was well suited to my personal level of fitness. I was surprised by the difficulty of session 1 (fartlek) I thought it would be a lot harder for me than it was I think I done well in this session because my stamina is quite good and I can regain my energy quite fast that was important for the small break periods that we had at the end of each lap.

I was surprised by the programs effectiveness on my fitness levels I thought that my levels were average except my upper body strength so in the circuit training session I made sure that I tested myself to do exercises on that aspect of my fitness I am not sure if this improved my upper body but it was an indication that I could do something to change that aspect of my fitness i.e. weight train

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