Illinios Agility Test

This test measures as the title suggests agility. The test it set up as shown in the diagram below. The performer completes the course by running past as many cones as possible in sixty seconds. The performer must start the test lying on the ground at the start of the first cone. I performed this test only for the first session, and then for a few sessions I did the same test but only went around the cones once and then timed myself. I tried this because I feel it would improve my agility a lot more. After a few sessions I decided to go back to my original Illinois test because my original Illinois test involves both agility and cardiovascular and that’s what I am trying to improve.

This test improves the cardiovascular system. The test is easy to set and uses very little equipment. To do this test the performer must squat down, take weight onto hands, perform a squat thrust, return to squat, weight onto legs and jump up. This should be repeated rapidly for sixty seconds. This test is an aerobic exercise therefore improving the cardiovascular system. This test is also simple to set up. For this test you simply have to run from one cone (as shown below) to the other cone. The performer will see how many times he can get there and back in sixty seconds

This test is mainly aerobic so it will improve the cardiovascular system. To perform this test the performer must from a standing position, jump into the air and abduct and adduct both legs and arms before landing back in a standing position. Repeat quickly throughout for sixty seconds. This test is also an aerobic exercise. From a standing position, lift one leg and bring down opposite elbow to touch knee. Return and repeat using other leg. Repeat for sixty seconds.


Straddle jumps is an aerobic exercise so it improves the cardiovascular system. For this exercise you must use a step. (bench) Step up onto and off bench, from the side. Do this as many times in sixty seconds. This exercise improves agility. For this exercise you should mark the cones out as shown in the diagram. Once started the stopwatch you should dribble the football around each cone for sixty seconds and see how many cones you get around in that time. I performed this exercise for the first three sessions but then decided to change it a little bit. Instead of going around each cone I went in and out of each one and recorded how many I went around in sixty seconds. I decide to change this because going around each cone made me feel a little dizzy.


This exercise is improves the cardiovascular system. It is very similar to straddle jumps apart from you step up onto the bench with both legs at the same time not alternately. Weights may be also be used to add resistance. For this exercise I had to go into the gym. To use a rowing machine you have to sit down in the seat strap both feet up so they are not sliding off all the time, grab the handle with both hands and simply pull back and forward. I decided to swap this station for station 2 which was the burpees station because they both test cardiovascular and I feel that the rowing machine exercise would increase the intensity a lot more.

Before each training session the muscles that are going to be worked in the session need to be stretched thoroughly. Muscles should be stretched and held for about 12 secs. The muscles that are required to be stretched are: Hamstrings The …

Our aerobic capacity is also know as cardio respiratory endurance or stamina. It’s the ability of our heart and lung to cope with actives over a long period of time strenuous activies , using the whole body to keep our …

To improve the fitness of a part of the body, you need to overload it. That means you need to make it work harder than usual. Over time, it adapts to meet the increased demand by getting fitter. You can …

I will record my heart rate before and after I do my training programme. I will take my pulse for a minute before and after exercise. I must ensure that I consider safety at all times, in order to avoid …

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