Muscular endurance level

Before each training session the muscles that are going to be worked in the session need to be stretched thoroughly. Muscles should be stretched and held for about 12 secs. The muscles that are required to be stretched are: Hamstrings The circuit that I have designed will consist of 8 stations and this circuit will be completed on 3 out of the 7 days. There will be two days, which are set as a rest days and one day in which I will do a run, which over the six-week period will improve my stamina level. The runs length will become longer and longer throughout the six weeks. This is to ensure my body continues to progress. The remaining day will be set as a test day, in which I shall test to see how much I have improved over the week.

The test will be a 12 minute cooper run, of which I shall run aroun  a set distance as many times as possible for 12 minutes. This will be performed before I start my six-week period of training to show what my current stamina level is. Below I will explain the different stations on my circuit. Station 1 – This station will be a mini “pyramid run”, in which there will be 3 cones spaced over a 30-yard distance. Each positioned 10 yards from the other. First I must run to the first cone, then sprint back to the start cone, then to the second cone, then back to the start cone, then to the third cone and finally back to the start cone, the pyramid will also be run on the return journey in reverse order. This will improve your speed, agility and muscular endurance of my hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Station 2 – This station is a sit up exercise. Perform as many as you can in 2 minutes. This will help to build a better stamina level, as well as a better muscular endurance level. Station 3 – This exercise concentrates on a player’s chipping ability and accuracy, the hoops should be placed 5m apart. Place a ball behind the line and chip it so it bounces in the first hoop, then chip a ball so it bounces in the second hoop. Then chip it so it bounces in the third hoop; next chip it so it bounces in the second hoop, then the first hoop. After each time you attempt a chip into the hoop, you must sprint and touch that particular hoop. This ensures that the body is constantly working throughout the circuit and continuously improving stamina levels.

Station 4 – This is a shooting exercise. Place two cones 5m apart, then line up five balls 10m away from the cones and one cone 2m behind each ball. Strike the first ball then turn around and sprint around the cone and strike the next ball then turn around and sprint to round the cone etc. This will improve muscular strength and accuracy. The number of successful “goals” scored should be counted and recorded. Again the sprinting involved helps with the stamina. Station 5 – This station consists of a series of cones being set up in grid formation, I will run consecutively around the cones, going down to my chest at each cone. I shall do this for 3 minutes.

Station 6 – The exercise on this station are burpees, burpees are squat thrusts and star jumps mixed together. Do a squat thrust then stand up and do a star jump and then another squat thrust then stand up and do another star jump. This will improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength of the quadriceps and hamstrings. I must count the number of burpees completed in 3 minutes and record this number. By performing at this station for 3 minutes it means that the body is working hard for 3 minutes and essentially overloading.

Station 7 – The exercise on this station is kick-ups. Do as many as you can in 3 minutes. This will improve ball control, and cardiovascular endurance. The highest number of kick-ups completed without losing control of the ball should be recorded as your top score for the day. Station 8 – Place six cones 1m apart then dribble a ball in and out of them and sprint back to the start, repeat this for 3 minutes. This will improve ball skills, speed and cardiovascular endurance. Record how many complete runs are completed.

Once the circuit it finished a warm down will take place, the warm down will consist of gentle jogging and stretching to remove the lactic acid that builds up in muscles while they are being worked. The warm down should help you perform better next time you exercise. The muscles that were stretched in the warm up should also be stretched in the warm down. The stretches should be held longer then they were in the warm up to prevent stiffness and soreness. Above is the circuit, which is to be completed on 2 of the days of the week. Below is a table showing one week out of my six, it shows the trend of exercises that will be completed throughout the six week duration.

Station One: A shuttle run, this consists of sprinting a distance of 10metres and then back again and continuing this for the period of 1 minute at the highest possible level. This will improve my stamina particularly muscular endurance of …

In this task I will be planning two circuit training sessions including a warm up and a cool down. The two types of circuit I will be doing are a general circuit and a specific circuit.The Purpose of Circuit Training  …

Stations 2-5 are to test and, again, eventually improve all of my tennis shots. In station 2 I will be aiming to hit the ball into cornered off areas in the service box, I will record how many times I …

Muscular Endurance is needed in football to keep the muscles contracting for the full length of the match without them becoming tired or weak. Muscular Strength is the force your muscles exert when they contract. This is an important part of …

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