Health and safety risk

A coaches responsibility for equipment is important because without equipment cannot run smoothly and it wont be very enjoyable for the participants. For example, in basketball if the coach turns up with 1 ball between 15 kids, the coach only has a few options for his session, he could play a match all session which would be very mundane for the kids, or he could run exercises that do not run smoothly because the ball would have to be returned every time it was used, also you would not have the option of splitting the group up.

A coaches responsibility for a venue has a few variables to it, how many kids are you catering for? What surface do you need? What is the weather going to be like (for shelter)? The venue must meet the requirements of the participants! For example, in Athletics a coach needs to book a running track, but it is in the winter so he has to book a track with a hard surface. If he books the track for 9pm until 10pm, for 8-10 year olds its not the right decision so he has to consider the variables whilst booking, which is why this requires responsibility. Venue is very similar to equipment, because without either of them the session cant run!

A coaches responsibility for players needs is very important. The coach needs to think about the players above everything else, what medical conditions they have, what physical and mental needs do they need to have met. For example in rugby the coach it is a coaches first session with some U10’s and he doesn’t enquire to anyone about the kids medical needs. In the session one of the kids has an asthma attack but nobody knows where his inhaler is. This is why, for me, player needs is one of the most important because the kids are the reason we coach in the first place and meeting their needs is key.

A coaches responsibility for Health and Safety is very important, it is a big responsibility because determines the welfare of the participant. For example, in football the coach does not carry out a risk assessment at new group, and a new venue he/she is working at, and one of the kids cuts his/her leg on a bit of pipe sticking out of the ground. The coach and his/her company are now liable to be sued and it may be detrimental to his/her CV. This responsibility is different from all the others because it has a bit of all of the others involved in it, for example the venue, the equipment, the player and parents needs are all a health and safety risk. In football you notice a player is performing well in training but not in games so you give him encouragement and assure him there’s no pressure in games.

In rugby you notice a player is behaving violently in training and find out he is having problems outside of the sport. In tennis your player is losing points whilst rushing to the net you realise he is not on his front foot when he plays his shot from the base line so you work with him on it. Communication In basketball your teaching a young player how to do a ‘lay up’ but he doesn’t seem to learn through auditory learning so you show him a demo and he reacts better. In football, your teaching a group an exercise on running with ball and their not using their laces well, you use the best player in your group to show them how to do it and they respond well.

In tennis your player can only play forehand shots however can’t take it in when you show him the technique, you explain to him step by step and he understands better. Problem Solving In football your defence and goalkeeper don’t work very well together and you realise its because the keeper isn’t vocal enough, you let the keeper know he’s allowed to shout as much as he likes during a game. In basketball the opposition player is an excellent 3 point shooter but they have a very weak attacking player as well so you have 2 players guard the biggest threat.

In rugby you have two of your players that fight amongst each other, however they can both play on the wing so you play them on opposite wings until they learn to get along. Explain the 3 Skills using examples from different sports. M2 Skills As a skill the coaches organisation is important because if a coaches organisation is not correct the session will not run smoothly. For example, in football a coach doesn’t have a session plan prepared and he turns up and has them playing a match for an hour they could be vulnerable to injury and the session may get tedious and boring, and they players may lose faith in the coaches ability.

Analysing As a coach the skill analysing is important for improving players and maximising their potential, a coaches analysing must be correct to work on players strengths and weaknesses, for example in basketball a players driving to the basket is excellent and he gets fouled a lot doing it, however he is poor at free throws. If the coach picks up on this he can work on the players weakness and maximise his potential. Analysing is very different to organisation as analysing is whilst watching the game and organising is before the game.


As a coach the skill communication is important for training players efficiently, effectively maximising their potential, and getting the information across to the participants all together . For example if a coach is telling the kids how to do a technique verbally, and not all of the kids seem to understand it, the coach must then use a different form of communication to transfer the knowledge to the kids. If a coach does this effectively he will be successful in getting information across. Communication is similar to health and safety in the way that it applies to every aspect of coaching, but communication is harder to master as it takes charisma and knowledge to carry out correctly.

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