Fitness Training

Compared to the rest of the class this was just below average, meaning that the ability of my biceps and triceps to work many times without getting tired is slightly less the others in my class. This means that this aspect would have to be improved slightly during the course. Health Related Fitness Factors: Muscular Strength: Importance: The importance of muscular strength for an all-rounder can be seen in lots of different ways. This factor is especially important because it can apply to all the positions that an all-rounder is required to be in. For example, as a batsman it is needed to be able to use strength to hit the ball further than usually.

Although it is not needed essentially to bat because the technique and skill of batting is needed the most, but muscular strength helps to give an advantage as the strength will usually comes from the arms or the legs when making a specific shot into a certain area. It is especially important for fielders who are by the boundary as they have to be able to throw the ball a long distance to get it to the pitch to the wicketkeeper or to the bowler. By possessing enough strength to throw the ball a long distance they will waste much less time meaning that the batsmen will be under more pressure to get into the crease and could possibly result in a run out. As a bowler muscular strength is used slightly when bowling. The strength can come from the arms directly when bowling the bowl as this will help to ensure that the ball travels a lot faster than when he doesn’t have a lot of muscular strength.

Cardiovascular Endurance: Importance: This is very important for an all-rounder because he would have to exercise the entire body for a very long period of time. A typical cricket match usually lasts about six hours with small breaks at certain intervals. This means that cardiovascular endurance would have to be very good as the person’s heart and lungs has to be able to support him throughout the match for a very long time by delivering oxygen to the muscles for respiration. As a batter he would need it the least as he is quite stationary for most of the time he is at the crease except when running down the pitch. Cardiovascular endurance helps the fielder and the bowler to run continuously run about the field or pitch when needed for a very long time such as when bowling or when chasing a ball.

Muscular Endurance: Importance: This is very important for an all-rounder in all his positions because it requires him to work his muscles many times without getting tired. As a bowler it is especially important when bowling a ball. This is because the same action of bowling will be repeated many times throughout the match and so a good muscular endurance would help the person to use the muscles in his arms and legs especially many times without getting tired. When batting the muscles have to be repeatedly used lots of times trying to pull off certain shots. A weak muscular endurance would make this very hard and so a good muscular endurance would help in this case.

Fitness Profile: Muscular Strength: Strength Justification: I think it is a strength of mine because I can use my strength to give me short bursts of speed like when running down the pitch, and I can use it to hit the ball a further distance. Flexibility: Weakness Justification: This is weak for me because I am not able to have a wide range of movements at my joints to be able to pull of a diving catch, so I can only perform simple catches. Muscular Endurance: Strength/Weakness Justification: When batting my muscular endurance is a strength because I can use the muscles in my arms lots of times without getting tired like when bowling, but I can use my leg muscles in this way so my muscular endurance is strong in my arms but weak in my legs.

Cardio Vascular Endurance: Weakness Justification: This is weak for me because I cannot exercise for a long period of time meaning that I cannot continuously bowl or field for a very long time without stopping. Body Composition: Strength/Weakness Justification: When batting my body composition is quite useful because I can use my body to be able to pull different shots but when bowling my body may slow me down, meaning that my pace will be much lower.

Types of Training: Continuous Training: Continuous training includes any activities that require you to continuously train without stopping for a long period of time. It is used to improve cardiovascular endurance. Examples include jogging or swimming. Interval Training: This is training that involves periods of work followed by periods of rest. It includes repetitions and sets along with short bursts. Examples include sprinting and swimming. Fartlek Training: Fartlek training (Speedplay) is a combination of fast and slow running. Sometimes it can resemble interval training. It requires you to train at different intensities, and sometimes other factors vary such as the speed and distance. Examples usually include a mixture of sprints and jogs.

Circuit Training:  Circuit training involves carrying out different activities to avoid exercising that same muscle at set-out stations. Activities are carried out at a station for a certain time before moving onto the next station. For example, one station could be for sit-ups and the next station could be for shuttle runs. Weight Training:  Weight training is a form of training that uses resistance by actual weights or by the number of times that the weight is lifted. This can improve your muscular strength or muscular endurance depending on the type of weight training done. For example high repetitions with low weights will improve your muscular endurance, but low repetitions with high weight will improve your muscular strength.

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