Ability to plan a training programme

The aim the overall coursework is to improve my ability to plan a training programme, perform it and evaluate it. It will also help to improve my knowledge and understanding of the skills needed in rounders. The programme that has been composed is to help improve my ability and performance in rounders and to become fitter and be able to perform to my best ability while using the required skills that I have learnt from doing the programme. I will be looking to improve my lower body muscular strength mainly, but also my upper body muscular strength which will help in batting and throwing. This is because a lot of running will be used both for the batting and fielding teams. Explosive strength is when our muscles produce a very quick movement. This will be used when sprinting around the posts or running to catch a ball.

I am doing this programme as it helps to develop my techniques and skill. During each training session the same fitness and skills sessions will be performed to my best ability. My improvement will be monitored as I gradually increase the time period and keep a record of my heart rate and repetitions. For this physical activity I will need a certain level of specific fitness. This will require activities that are directly related to rounders and will help me improve my skills in those areas. Recently, I have not experienced any illnesses or injuries that have managed to affect my performance in sports. This allows me to be able to perform to my best ability without any interference.

I have taken the ‘Bleep Test’ prior to starting my training. I managed to achieve a score of level 9. This shows that I have a considerable amount of muscular endurance, as my muscles were able to work for a prolonged amount of time. PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING A training session consists of four main parts that contribute to it. Within these components specific principles will be looked at.

Specificity- the right training must be chosen for rounders Progression- slowly increasing the workload as the training progresses Overload- making all the systems in the body work harder Reversibility- knowing that fitness cannot be stored Tedium- changing activities in training to keep interest at a high level Relevance to rounders Specificity- the activities that would be covered would include batting, bowling, throwing and catching, as all these techniques are needed in rounders Progression- as the sessions increased the aim and workload would increase too. For example, more battings in a certain amount of time or a larger amount of accurate catches.

Overload- during each session the performer will perform to their best ability and overload the body systems to make it effective. Tedium- different skills will be looked at and the areas covered will change over the time of the sessions. For example, start off with upper body and progress to the skills in the lower body Frequency-the number of times you train Intensity-how hard you work.

Time-how long you work for Type-a training that is specific to the sport done There are many different methods of training, but I will be looking at the four main ones: CONTINUOUS/ENDURANCE TRAINING This helps keep on playing at a higher intensity. It is aerobic training, as it develops the aerobic system. It involves the whole body, and you don’t stop to rest at all, which means that you do not work completely flat out. This means it’s sub-maximal. It should last at least 12 minutes For example: running, swimming and jogging Although this is a good training to test for muscular endurance it is not a very suitable training method for rounders. This is because during rounders one does not need to keep on going for a long period of time, but have the explosive strength the chase a ball or get a rounder.

FARTLEK TRAINING This also develops endurance, but uses a different technique. The performer will run fast and then slow, over both flat and hilly ground. For example: sprinting and steady paced running This technique is more appropriate for rounders as a fielder may need to sprint to get the ball, but, after having thrown it, only need to jog back to their place, but there are no hills which can make it slightly unsuitable.

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