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My heart rate and also my recovery heart rate at the end of each session was improving because the heart like muscles gets bigger and the bigger the heart gets the more blood the heat can pump around the body and to the muscles, this is a good indicator that my fitness levels and stamina is improving each session. My end of exercise heart rate also decreased; this also is a good indicator that my fitness levels have improved except for session 3 this is because I had a rugby tournament on the Sunday before the Monday session 3 so my body was recovering and still had a due fatigue. Also the session was demanding lots from my body. Altogether the circuit training had a great deal of success to my fitness levels and this is proven by my heart rate recovery time decreasing.

Evaluation Planning Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Refer to your pre-test score(s) for any fitness test(s). The fitness test before the circuit training was the multistage progressive shuttle run commonly known as the bleep test. I achieved a respectable 11.8, which shows a good level of fitness for a fifteen year old. Also from this I can estimate my v02 max which means the maximum velocity of 02 consumed and utilised by the body working muscles, witch my v02 is 52.6 ml/kg/min which is the maximum amount of oxygen in millilitres, one can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight. which is good for an eighteen to twenty five year old.

Was the programme at the right level for you? As my fitness test helped me determine the intensity of my circuit training. This is why I chose to push my fitness level, resulting in me starting the circuit at one minute and thirty seconds which included the overload and progression. Therefore being at the correct in fitness level. Were the exercises in the correct order? Explain why/why not. All my exercises were in the correct order as I separated my triceps, quads and abdominal muscles groups evenly out so that I would not be working my body in the same muscle groups twice in a row, for example two abdominal exercises one after another. This will decrease the chance of injury and fatigue and help me work each muscle group to there full potential.

Explain how you applied the principles of progression/overload. I used progression by setting my targets higher each session this made me working harder and therefore my fitness and strength was gradually improved. I included overload by working my self for longer periods of time. The intensity also improved every session as I was pushing my self to higher limits and worked on the major muscle groups once a week therefore I was progressing every week by working at a higher intensity for longer periods of time.

Were the exercises/ activities the correct ones to choose? Explain why/why not. I believe that my exercises was the correct choice, as it worked all aspects of my body, included skill that helped me drive toward my two overall targets. Also the result of my circuit training proved that I choice the right exercise, for example the structure balanced skill helped strengthen my body position witch helps in rugby in the rucks and also the Illinois agility run will help me have the edge on my opponent by ether stepping them or reacting to there movement quicker.

Performing Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Explain how you applied the principles of progression/overload. I have used overload and progression in my circuit tanning, which means I will be working constantly harder over a longer period of time every week. I have done this as it would help my performance in rugby, as I was able to overload my muscles in training; which would result in my muscles being able to adapt to an increased stimulus; this could help me in future matches if the game goes into extra time. Therefore meaning I will have the energy and power training in games to work at my best ability.

Were the exercises/ activities the correct ones to choose? Explain why/why not. The exercises I chose was specific chosen in my circuit training because they isolated the pacific muscles groups that would help my rugby performance; for example I chose the weighted squat because it would increase my strength within my quadrilaterals; this will help in rucks and powering throw the opponent, also it will give me better acceleration if I get the balance right of power and weight. This is because it will put more force onto the ground, accelerating me forward at a greater speed.

Was the programme easy to manage (set up, do, record progress etc)? The easiest thing about my circuit training was the set up and format of my circuit, I believe this because compared to the rest it was low intensity over a long duration and I had a diagram displaying every thing I had to set up that I created. On the other hand the recording the progress was difficult to write them down when you’re in the zone of physical exercise but I managed to do this. Also meeting my targets on the personal exercise plan was difficult but very motivating.

Were the exercises in the correct order? Explain why/why not. I believe I had set out my exercises in the correct order because I did not use the same muscle group consecutively, which therefore allowed my muscles sufficient time to recover and recuperate before I you used them on the next station. Did you enjoy it and work to your limit? How do you know? Overall I enjoyed doing my circuit training as I take great enjoyment pushing my physical boundaries and achieve my targets that I set out for my self.

I pushed my self every week as I had to work harder over a longer duration to achieve my targets, but I knew I had worked to my limit every session because I felt fatigue afterward therefore showing overload and progression. Also I knew I had worked to my limits as my recovery time improved, showing that my fitness levels must have improved thus meaning I had worked to my limits to improve my fitness.

Monitoring Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Were the exercises/ activities the correct ones to choose? Explain why/why not. The exercises were the correct ones to use for motivation, as it was easy to record my results so that I could compare and push my self to the maximum and to see how many more I need to do to reach my target. Also I feel that they are the right exercises because they were easy to understand and do to get the best possible result. On the other hand the two motivational difficulties was the plank and the Illinois agility run this is because it did not give me a result but a time limit so that I could not push my self to achieve the best possible time; although I cold have see it as the targets was the motivational point.

Were the exercises in the correct order? Explain why/why not. The exercises were in the correct order for monitoring as there was not two consecutive stations next to each other which used the same muscle group, over before the next intense station, therefore the results were at the best of my motivational ability. Did you make any changes to your programme? Explain why you did/did not do so.

I had made a couple of changes to my programme, the first of which was that I has a consistent run between poles with a ball but because I could only have one person running in-between the poles because of the risk of collision therefore only one person running at a time, so only having half the time at high intensity. I also changed increased work time on each station to help improve my fitness and strength which is mainly to help my muscular endurance. Explain the effects performing had on you in any of the 5 sessions.

The main effect on session 4 on my performance was exhaustion which was mainly because of that I had a rugby tournament the previous day, which affect my performance as my muscles did not have enough time to recover from the tournament. This mainly occurred in the shuttle run with continuous passing as my legs were becoming tighter and the levels of lactic acid was building up at the of the circuit.

Were the results you achieved what you expected? Explain why this was/was not the case In most cases my results was what I expected and was pleased with my progress, but I had hoped to hit every target and even excel them in some cases. The reason which may had stopped me from achieving these targets were that I had a rugby tournament the previous day so my body had not fully recuperated in time for the circuit training, which meant my body was fatigued there fore I was not able to perform to my best ability.

Final evaluation Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Refer to your past test scores The second time that I did the multistage progressive shuttle run my fitness levels improved, I know this by the result which was 12.0. This shows that my circuit training improved my cardiovascular endurance; but I felt like I had to stop at this point because my muscles was fatiguing because of the tightness of my muscles from the build up of lactic acid. I felt proud that I made it to the next level, I was determined that I would. Also I think that the early night and right nutrition had a part to play as I have easily digestible pasta with slow releasing energy.

Was the programme easy to manage (set up, do, record progress etc)? Overall, I believe my circuit training was easy to set up, as I knew where everything had be placed and by the end of the programme I was setting up the circuit very quickly as I knew exactly where all the equipment had to go, whilst still moving the equipment around safely and using the right lifting techniques. Explain what progress or improvements you have made as a result of completing the programme. My cardio respiratory system had improved as a result 0of the circuit training as it was supplying oxygen to my muscles at a very good rate. As a result of this I did not fatigue during later stages as easily or not at all. .

Did you enjoy it and work to your limit? How do you know? I did enjoy the circuit training as I do enjoy pushing my boundaries and achieving my targets I had set myself. I am a very determined person especially in close games so I hate the feeling if my body is going to let me down, although I love the feeling of over working my body because I get a great sense of satisfaction out of it as I know I have worked to my highest potential and therefore improving my overall fitness. If you were going to continue with the programme what changes would you make? The changes that I would make would to increase the amount of activities I do; I would do this because I would like to improve all aspects of my rugby game and body not just classify the once I see as important. Also I would increase the amount of weight so that it would help to overload my muscles.

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