Test for fitness aspect

I need good aerobic capacity as a netball match can last a long period of time. Therefore my heart and lung system need to have the ability to cope with an activity of long duration. I will improve my aerobic capacity by seeing how long it takes me; to do 100 skips, to run 10 laps round the gym and to do 50 step-ups. I need to have good muscular endurance as netball matches involve muscles working hard for a long period of time. Therefore my muscles need to have the ability to work hard for a large amount of time. I will improve my muscular endurance by training with weights (3kgs) doing 2 sets of 15 reps. I will also complete as many sit-ups possible within a time limit of 30 seconds.

Muscular power is also another fitness aspect for netball. This is because it involves explosive, strength and speed related movements e.g. throwing the ball or jumping to catch the ball. To improve my muscular power I will do the standing broad jump and see how many chest passes I can do with a netball in a time limit of 30 seconds. Speed is also important in netball as a sudden change of pace and direction can bring success. To measure speed I will do a 5m Shuttle run and see how many laps I can do in 30 seconds.

Balance is also quite important in netball. When a netballer jumps on one foot to catch the ball they have to remain stationary on one foot and then rotate round to throw the ball in the direction chosen. I will measure my balance by seeing how long I can do a stork stand for on a balancing beam. Lastly, flexibility is a health related aspect, which isn’t too demanding in netball. Certain movements in this sport require limb movements around the joints. I will do the sit and reach test and try to improve my flexibility in every session of my training programme.

Progression and overload

My training programme needs to be challenging for me; I will gradually increase the stress on my bones, ligaments and tendons. This will involve increasing time and repetitions. I won’t stress my body too much as this could lead to an injury. I will check my heart rate after each training session to see if I have added stress in a progressive way. If my heart rate rises too steeply after my change in training load then I will have probably increased my overload too much. I will then decrease the stress on my body by a small amount. I will try and do more repetition in a smaller period of time to overload my body system in every training session.


I will complete 5 sessions of active training this will prevent losing fitness. If I miss any of my training sessions my body will easily lose the fitness, which I have gained. I don’t want my body to adapt less stress I want it to adapt to more stress.


Netball is a sport, which I enjoy playing, but I was actually going to do cricket training. I then found that no one else was doing cricket and training on my own would make me feel tedious. My netball-training plan is very interesting and I am keen to carry out 5 sessions of training. By using a variety of exercises on my plan I will keep my enthusiasm and motivation and won’t become stale. I will also avoid overuse injuries by varying the way I perform in each activity. The frequency of my training will be once a week for 5 weeks. I will increase the intensity every session because I can’t improve my fitness unless I work hard enough to make my body system adapt to training. As I increase the time and number of repetitions I should also increase the heart rate level at which I work.

I must also understand my training thresholds. I will do this by calculating my maximum heart rate and working out which training zone I am working at e.g. the speed-training zone. When my MHR is 60% I will be at the aerobic threshold training effect. When my MHR increases to 80%-90% I will be at the anaerobic threshold level. I will be changing my fitness training level from aerobic-anaerobic threshold. This means my training time will be shorter and my recovery time will be longer. A netballer would probably train like this during Off-season. This is because the emphasis of my training programme is on developing my muscular strength and aerobic fitness.

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