Evaluation of P.E. Training Program

From the graph we can see that as the weeks went on the amount of bent knee sit-ups I was able to do in the three-minute time limit increased. This is mainly due to the exercise improving flexibility and also helps with endurance. The first four weeks showed a steady increase, the fifth week was the same as the fourth as this week I did not manage to perform at a better standard than the last. On the whole after the sixth week I was able to do more sit-ups at a better standard than previously.

As the graph for the bent knee sit-ups, the sit & reach graph shows a steady increase as the weeks go by and in the same way as the sit-ups graph, my flexibility and endurance skills and not improved much from the fourth week to the fifth. From the first week to the sixth there is quite a large increase in the amount of this type of exercise I could carry out. This shows these two exercises have been a success in helping me.

For the shuttle runs activity station in regards to the ground covered from week to week this did not show any sort of constant increase. It did eventually get better than the original first week but only by a matter of metres. This may be mainly due to my body composition is not ideal for agility events such as shuttle runs. However, with much practice, this could be improved. I was getting much better at this activity as the weeks went by. The activity was designed to improve explosive strength at the legs. I have the right type of body composition for this type of event and this is partly why the improvements were so great from week to week.

As a test to improve speed the 30m sprint can be an effective form of training and the decrease in time taken to complete the 30m each week decreases more and more by tenths of a second until remaining the upon the same speed for the final two weeks. I did manage to increase my speed by performing this station for the six weeks. The aim of raising my cardio-vascular endurance was ultimately achieved on this station. The aim to complete 100 steps quicker in time each week became so eventually. After the second week there was a dramatic decrease in time, however, for the third week the time went back up again mainly due to just not performing as well on that particular event. After this initial rise in time after that the time once again resumed a decrease more and more each week.

Juggling a ball to improve co-ordination takes some time to get good at and there are people who can do hundreds at a time. I am not as skilled as that and the final score I managed to reach was good for my standards, it did also show an overall improvement, slightly. In the fifth week I managed to get my personal best score but could not top this in the sixth week, however, the sixth week’s total score did show an improvement to the first weeks showing a slight improvement in co-ordination.

As an endurance event it can often be hard to improve much for some people as this proved to be the case for me on this activity. The third week had such a high score because I was pushing myself physically and mentally to do the best I could, hoping that the next week I would do the same and beat that score. This was not the case though and I never did quite manage to top that time. It would be hard to judge if I had improved much at all from this station’s results.

This activity was very similar to the vertical jump station and the results are nearly identical. The aim also was the same in improving the explosive strength of the muscles. A steady increase in the height reached is shown until the final score, a vast improvement over the first weeks, is reached. The balancing beam station was one that was intended to improve balance and co-ordination. Seeing how long I could walk along a thin beam before losing balance and falling off was the test. My co-ordination and balance did improve over the six weeks and I was able to stay on the beam for quite a long time.

The training program I have designed is set up in such a fashion that not only will lead to better fitness if the activities are carried out efficiently but will also allow anyone undergoing the program to warm themselves up …

As you can see from my graph, overall from the first week to the seventh week there is a slight improvement. However my scores seem to be varying during the 7 week period. However I do feel that my score …

Well the aim of my training program is to increase my fitness level after the six weeks of the program. It will also help develop my football skills and my stamina and endurance while playing football. My current fitness level …

There are a number of advantages to be had from undertaking the training program and no obvious disadvantages that can be thought of immediately. Some of the stations included in the program can be fun to carry out and only …

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