Effective Communication in Healthcare

Effective communication is always necessary within the family, social, and business context. Even in the healthcare system, any group could not function properly in the absence of effective communication. Effective communication, which involves the sending and receiving of message between the source and the receiver, is important in providing excellent customer care in the health care industry. Communication is a process wherein a person “transmits ideas or feelings to another person or group of people. ” It is composed of three elements. The first element is the source, which could be the sender, transmitter, or speaker.

The second element is the symbol or symbols that the person used to compose and transmit the message. These symbols could comprise of words or signs. Lastly, the receiver is the listener or reader. These elements are interrelated and dependent on each other towards an effective communication (Dynamic Flight, Inc. , 2003). According to Aristotle, the success of communication largely depends on the receiver. This means that no matter how long the speaker prepares his or her messages and selects the channel, if the receiver does not understand the message, no effective communication took place.

The importance of the audience as receiver of the message is sometimes overlooked, especially in the medical environment. In most cases, health care providers are more concerned over their message and themselves as the source. And yet, they forget to acknowledge the receiver at the end of the communication channel (Lee, 1993). The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized. Countless studies have been conducted on organizational processes which focused on communication. Authors have found out that providing excellent customer care is “the best strategy for any company” (Whiteley, 1991).

This is true particularly in the health care sector, where the success of the company will depend on how health care providers render customer care to their patients. The health care sector is sought by patients for their ailments, thus the health care providers and the patient will understand each other through effective communication. It is a must for physicians, nurses, and other health care practitioners to know how to use the channels of communication in relaying to their patients vital information about their status.

Through effective communication, health care practitioners can provide the care that their patients need and look for. The importance of communication can also be seen through the various communication programs that are meant to teach health care practitioners how to effectively communicate with their patients and with other practitioners (Beyea, 2004). In the healthcare industry, effective communication is said to be the heart and the cornerstone. Through effective health communication, health care practitioners can relay to their patients the health risks that they face.

Communication can also make patients understand preventive measures available to them. Furthermore, communication promotes people’s attitude towards health (National Business Group on Health, n. d. ). In addition, effective communication facilitates the achievement of patient safety in the healthcare. Communication is also considered as a key component towards an effective teamwork. Furthermore, effective communication can prevent cases of wrong-site, wrong-procedure, and wrong-person surgery (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2006).

In a certain research, the author discovered that effective communication between the nurse and the patient can lead to the patient’s enhanced sense of control during postoperative pain (Baum, 1997, p. 298). Effective communication is a must in the health care sector. There can never be disadvantages because physicians and nurses and other health care practitioners know the effective way to communicate with patients. Health care practitioners know how important effective communication is to avoid cases of death, wrong medication, and malpractice claims.

Communication is the process of sending a message through a channel to a receiver. In the health care sector, effective communication is essential because patients today are becoming more active and participatory. Effective communication is important so that health care practitioners can provide the care that patients need and look for. In addition, patients can better understand their illness or health risks and come up with preventive measures when physicians and nurses effectively communicate to them.


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