Destructive to the emotions

In boxing you must score as many points as you can by hitting your opponent in the body or on the head as much as you can and also to block yourself from getting hit. But many non-boxing supporters continue to ask why should this violence be a legalised sport. Some extremists insist that it is reflective of Roman times when it was popular to watch gladiators duel to the death. Yet seemingly it wont be banned, based upon the popularity of the sport and the wide acclaim it receives both from the media and world spectators. Boxing is an intensely violent sport that has people of all ages both young and old watching their television sets and waiting to see some hard-core action. Boxing fans shout remarks like, “Hit him, punch him! knock him out!!” This leads non-supporters to argue that such remarks can pose a threat to peoples behavior and could be destructive to the emotions of society.

Another aspect of boxing besides the fighting is the money that is made. Boxing is a multi-million pound sport that is completely cash motivated. There are many out to make a living through its various branches e.g. the selling of the tickets for predominant fights or the betting on the results of such fights. Tickets for fights are very high profile, difficult to come by at short notice and do cost the ordinary boxing fan a lot of money. Betting on such fights often creates scams, even prize money is the source of lots of scams where boxing promoters and boxing managers are sometimes all in on it. Boxers can be left out and often can be left out with little or no money at all.

An example of this is in the famous boxing film series Rocky, where the boxer Rocky Balboa is conned out of millions of pounds and loses his home and most of his possessions. This is said to be a portrayal of the actuality of the boxing scene, it does really happen in boxing. A late example of another boxing scam was Mike Tyson’s first fight after his 3 year ban from boxing. He was banned after he viciously bit a lump out of Evander Hollyfields’ ear in a fight for the world heavy weight title. Tyson won his first fight after 3 years against his opponent who had not been boxing for long. The fight was said to be a scam when the loser picked up + $50,000 just for showing in the ring. But it was Tyson who won millions of dollars for his 1 round effort.

Another way that boxing has created money is through the television rights that are sold usually to SKY for millions of dollars every year. When a boxing fan who can’t get a ticket wants to see a fight he would pay for Sky television and then have to pay an extra $20 in the US or �15 in the UK to see the fight. Most of the money resulting from scams is that taken from the fans who pay to be entertained. This is why a large amount of people wish to see boxing banned from the 21st century. They wish to see it become an illegal sport and for all boxing licenses to be withdrawn.

The people who enjoy watching boxing and those involved in the sport in some way say that health risks occur more in lots of other sports than in boxing. If for example a footballer heads the ball enough times using one particular area of the head; brain damage would be bound to occur. Or if a rugby player gets tackled roughly that player could end up getting his neck broken. They say the chance of a boxer getting killed in the ring is very slim although there are some health risks. These people also say that referees and medical staff try to make sure that a fight does not become too brutal therefore the boxers face no serious risk. They claim boxing is a safer sport than motorbike racing, American football and speedboat racing. These sports have a higher death tally and more chance of injuries every year in comparison to boxing.

People who enjoy boxing and are in favour of the sport also say that the boxing world isn’t a big money scam and that peoples lives are not ruined because of it. They claim boxers are well looked after and that boxing managers and promoters aren’t out to scam them, but instead wish to see them win their fights for the boxers own glory. Usually some close family are involved in the boxers affairs, and they aren’t going to scam money out of them. They claim that every boxer knows the health risks that are involved in the sport and that boxing managers are there to keep them safe and to teach them how to defend themselves. They argue that if someone is against the sport they should just not watch it or take part in it. Its good entertainment for some, but for others it might not suit them.

I myself think that boxing is a very exciting sport which does have its dangers. It is fun to watch today’s boxers like Prince Naseem and Mike Tyson in action and to watch the big fights on television. But I think to stop a lot of money scams and to improve safety standards the boxing commission and head board of the boxing community will have to make the necessary improvements in the sport. Most professional boxers do not wear safety gear around their heads, and damage is very easily caused. In the Olympics, their boxing safety standards are much better. I think boxing wont be banned from the 21st century because it is too popular and too much money is involved in the sport. I think that boxing shouldn’t be banned from the 21st century, but safety standards and protection for boxers will have to be improved.

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