Conditioning program

I need to take into consideration the different principles if I am going to design a circuit that is beneficial for the specific areas. Every different person has there needs. An example would be a long distance runner will need to work on their endurance and durability. So these specific areas will be the ones I hope to improve. I will have to study safety precautions so that I don’t injure or hurt myself during the training program. Specificity: the area of fitness that I am planning to improve is technical bowling and endurance, the area of skill that I plan to improve is: bowling (cricket).

Finally the energy system that I will use is aerobic. Progression: in my circuit I will train slow then build up. I am doing this because your body takes time to adapt to the increased demands because if you over work it there is an increased risk of pulling a muscles or another sort of injury. Overload: Overload is where you work harder than usual because you’re increasing the demand of your muscles working. As basic guides lines I will use the F. I. T. T system. Reversibility: This section is not as important as the others. But it’s where you reverse all of your training. E. G. the Christmas period.

Tedium: This section is to help stop the boredom of training and it is where you do something repeatedly and it gets tedious. So therefore variation is needed so that you do not get bored easily during the activities. Explanation of F. I. T. T F= Frequency: the amount of sessions you are training for. I= Intensity: increase intensity e. g. 4 laps instead of 2 laps T= Time: how long your sessions are: e. g. 1 session could be 30 minutes, then the next 60minutes long T= Type: the type of exercise you do. You could change this to meet your demands. Introduction about me: My name is Ben Warner.

I am 15 years old and in my fitness program I am hoping to improve my bowling accuracy if successful. To do this I am going to use a circuit. The circuit will have 8-10 stations. The aspect of fitness that I would like to improve is endurance. I could do this by using endurance based stations. How ever I do want to improve my accuracy of my bowling so I need some of the stations to be skill based. So I will design a circuit taking the two skills into consideration. The physiological effects of this training program will be tough. I will try to introduce something to stop me getting bored.

I shouldn’t be too hard on my body because I exercise regularly out side of school taking part in sporting activities. Because I will be using aerobic system I won’t get to tired. I am planning ahead because it is important to get myself prepared and study the dangers of getting injure during the program. So safety is key issue and is something I will look at. I have chosen stamina because cricket is played over a long time. There are different sort of matches like twenty- twenty games which is 20 overs for each team to score as many runs as they can. Or there are games like test matches which can go over periods of weeks.

So endurance is the ability to keep going over a set distance against resistance. So for me to be able to do this would be an amazing achievement. I have chosen cricket because I have just started training for it again ready for the next cricket season and have decided my bowling could do with a bit of a tidy up. If I can get my match fitness up early it would be great. Section 2: My current fitness levels are just above average for a boy of my age. I am going to do this because cricket season is soon coming up and I have decided to get ready early this season and become an established player in my local men’s team.

I did play a few games last season resulting in highs and lows but overall I think I did well. Now I plan to sneak in and use this training program to help me achieve my goal. I am going to move on now and explain my current fitness levels and tell explain why they are at this level and how they may or may not be improved. I took a pre-test in my fitness and recorded the results. Resting heart rate: – 96 per minute Exercise 1: press-ups: 27 Exercise 2: Sit-ups: 23 Exercise 3: Squat thrusts: 26 Recovering rate: 128

I recently took part in the “bleep test” which is a 20 metre shuttle run and you have to run in between lines before the tape bleeps. I managed to get to level 11. 2 out of 16. I think I could improve on this and when I do it again at the end of the training I can see whether my program has worked. To do a bleep test your endurance has to be quite good so this is how I can adapt my program. The specific endurance I will be working on is my muscular endurance because bowlers require both explosive strength and speed, combined with good muscular endurance, in order to be able to maintain a high number of over’s.

Poor fitness and muscular strength will result in inaccurate bowling, and greater risk of injury, especially for high speed bowlers. I would say the amount of exercise I did in an average week about 30 slots. This could vary in other people’s opinion because they might not class walking to school exercise. I do quite a lot of sporting activities. I play football about 3-4 times a week, cricket 1-2 times a week ( usually more if in the cricket season), rugby once a week and badminton every time I have it in P. E. when I play golf this involves a lot of walking, roughly about 3 miles maybe more.

I enjoy these activities more as I have a better all round skill and knowledge of these games. Exercise I do: the exercise I do is activities such as going on my trampoline or walking around school and general activities by keeping up with the demands of the environment. Sporting activities I am good at in football is my ability to pass the ball across the pitch to a selected team mate. In rugby I am good at passing and tackling accurately. In golf I am good at putting and fair way drives. Finally more importantly in cricket I am good at batting, fielding and I hope to improve on my bowling.

I am specifically going to work on my upper body strength because it take speed and accuracy to deliver a good ball in cricket so I believe upper body strength is going to play a key role in my program. Like any athlete, cricket players also need to follow a strength and conditioning program that aims towards them peaking at certain stages of the year. By concentrating on a combination of strength training and CV workouts throughout the winter / off season will enable you to perform with greater ability and reduce risk of injury during the summer season.

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