Buyers Closing Statement

Project 88A Buyers Closing Statement ON LINE
Closing Date is April 27th of this year

Sale price is $300,000.
Buyer is financing 70% of the purchase price. This is the loan amount. Earnest money (already paid) is $30,000
Title search fee is $500 to
Loan (mortgage) origination fee is 1% (of loan amount)
Buyers loan is at 6% . Compute buyer daily interest charges from day of closing through the end of the month of April. Title insurance is $600
Homeowners (hazard) insurance for buyer will be $480 yearly ($40 monthly) Real tax (Wake County) is $3 per day. You pay seller for remainder of year. April 27 is the 117th day of the year. Escrow costs will be 2 months for hazard insurance

Escrow costs will be 5 months for real tax
Survey is $300
Pest inspection is $200
Recording fee is $10 for deed plus
Recording fee is $10 for mortgage
Credit report fee is $50
Appraisal fee is $250
Use the closing statement form to enter your calculation. How much will the buyer owe? $65,918.33

Use a 2-column closing statement form to determine total debits and credits for the buyer to show and cash due from buyer. Assume a 365 day year.

lineITEM (closing on April 27)”buyer
1Sale price $300,000 – given 300,000.00
2New loan (.7 x 300,000 price) 210,000.00
3Earnest money (given) 30,000.00
4Title search fee (given) 500.00
5Loan origination fee (.01 x 210,000 loan ) 2,100.00
6daily interest (210,000 loan x .06 / 365 x 4 days) 138.08 7Title insurance (given) 600.00
8Homeowners insurance (given) 480.00
9Prorate Real tax ($1,095/365 x days in rest of yr) 744.00 10Escrow 2 months for insur. (480/12 x 2 months) 80.00
11Escrow 5 months for real tax (1,095 / 12 x 5 mo) 456.25 12Survey (given) 300.00
13Pest inspection (given) 200.00
14Recording fee – deed (given) 10.00
15Recording fee – mortgage (given) 10.00
16Credit report fee (given) 50.00
17Appraisal fee (given) 250.00
18Total Debits 305,918.33
19Total Credits 240,000.00
20Debits less credits (buy owes) 65,918.33

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