Statement of Purpose-Pharmaceutics

The following statement of purpose was written for University of xxxxxxx About me: I deem it a privilege to give a brief account of myself to your esteemed institution. I am xxxxxxxxx, __years old. Striving for betterment and improvement has been my motto in all aspects of my life, and the same applies even to my academic career. Pursuit of knowledge has always been my obsession and the propelling force behind all my achievements. My personal paradigm was the reason and conviction behind my decision to opt for Pharmaceutics as my graduate major, as a part of this I choose to study Pharmacy at undergraduate level.

Academics/ Education: I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My academic performance was good and this acted as a booster and made me look at the future with confidence and excitement. My schooling provided me with the much needed foundation for a scientific approach of life. My teachers taught me the inestimable and invaluable benefits of discipline and dedication. I learned that just having interest is not sufficient and that it needs to be supplemented with hard work and determination to succeed.

I secured 85% in 10th grade, which filled me with more confidence. In the pre-university examination (10+2) I secured 89%. I was ranked among the top 5% of 3lakh students in EAMCET, which fetched me an admission in xxxxxxxxx, Affiliated to xxxxx University, one of the top colleges 3 colleges in our state. I have an aggregate of 79% (equivalent to G. P. A. 3. 16 on scale of 4) till my third year and my final year exams are due in June 2013. Besides being one of the most reputed colleges in India, the syllabus content is among the best in India.

It has given me a comprehensive exposure to core of the course with a strong conceptual understanding of the same. I have been exposed to a balanced syllabus with courses in pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology and toxicology, medicinal chemistry, clinical pharmacy and therapeutics, hospital pharmacy, analytical chemistry, bio-chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry and environmental sciences, bio-statistics and computer applications. Training/experience: My industrial training was at Dr. Reddy’s laboratories Pvt.

Ltd. For one and half months, this training period exposed me to the methods of production, quality control, quality assurance, formulation & development and many other practical aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research. This training provided me with a pragmatic outlook and the prerequisite attitude and aptitude for research. Why pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy? Pharmaceutics is such a branch that any person who has heart to feel and a mind to understand its depth and applications which is highly diverse as well expanding by leaps and bounds.

One cannot resist himself without choosing his career in this field, especially formulation and dosage forms which has proven to be a powerful area in research to surmount various difficulties in formulation of new chemical entities. This area has got tremendous research and development application in industry and moreover it has the ability to adjudicate various queries in the field and pharmaceutical sciences. I was very much intrigued by the role of pharmaceutical sciences in the modern day health care system.

The various branches of pharmaceutics have always fascinated me. These include physical pharmaceutics, bio-pharmaceutics, novel drug delivery systems and advanced industrial pharmacy. Achievements: I have got decent command on M. S. -office, windows, C-programming. I won several prizes for participating in poster, oral presentations at university level and national level. My participation in seminars: RECENT ADVANCE IN DRUG DISCOVERY (Oct. 2010), CLINICAL RESEARCH IN DRUG DEVELOPMENT (June. 2010), RECENT ADVANCES IN NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS (July.

2010), LEADERS IN TRAINING WORKSHOP (Feb. 2012), NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON TOPICS IN DRUG DELELOPMENT & RESEARCH (Oct. 2012), GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICES, GOOD CLINICAL PRACTICES by GVK BIO Pvt. Ltd. (Jan. 2013), GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES by Dr. Reddy’s laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (Jan. 2013) helped me to know the future prospects of industry. During this period I got an opportunity to share and develop knowledge by interacting with experienced professionals of industries. Why M. S. at your university?

In order to reach the educational plateaus I desire, I need a good university that provides the best teaching facilities with excellent faculty, flexibility and great student-professor interaction. On careful study of college and website, I have found the graduate program that blends high quality course work and research facilities at the cutting edge of every field suits my needs perfectly and active research is in accordance with my interest where I will receive an education that gives me both the technical skills and intellectual discipline to become a leader in industry.

I can aver that I possess the basic aptitude, discipline and perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed for my graduate study. I am aware that your university expects high standards from its students. On my part, I can assure you of my sincerity and hard work. I am confident that my enthusiasm will enable me to live up to your expectations. I sincerely hope you find my application worthy of your institution and grant me with admission with adequate financial assistance.

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