Personal statement for medical school

As a second year student in the field of biomedical sciences, it behooves me, following my ardent and unquenchable zeal for studying medicine, that I continue with my quest to study medicine. If at all your panel is to reconsider me for re- interviewing, then I surmise that I measure up to the yardstick. It is with great humility that I assure you that I possess all the prerequisites, as opposed to the times past.

My credentials are based on a wide range of voluntary placements which I have made, a feat which has earned me a much more accurate and on- the- ground information and insight which is integrally relatable to the medical profession. For instance, during my summer holidays, having attended a trip to Canada, I worked under the title of Dr. Rolando Del Maestro’s assistant. The different cases I have come across from this undertaking have infused me with the right predisposition towards the field of medicine.

For instance, it is from this juncture that I learned that contrary to what conventional and layman thought would surmise, the art of administering medical and healthcare services delivery by far and wide do surpass the mere art of diagnosing and treating a patient; but rather, the exercise, I found to be wholesome, following the revelation that the whole process was integral, with the art of delivering palliative care as an important part in medicine taking a centre stage.

This revelation, I learnt from a personal encounter with a 16 year old boy who was suffering from a malignant brain tumor, which had left him with only few months to live. Still on the revelation I got about the administration of medical services administration is that like all human beings, even the most exceptional doctors encountered setbacks in the administration of treatment. This reality became ingrained in me as I saw doctors and nurses succumb to the difficulty in ministering to non compliant patients.

It is also in the wake of these developments that I learnt of the sacrosanct nature of the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach; seeing that in spite of the fact that doctors discharged a voluminous number of unprecedented duties, yet, their tasks and instructions could also be shared by their colleagues, the nurses. Similarly, I believe that I have an upper hand in relation to my peers, given the fact that; as opposed to my peers, I learnt first hand, and not theoretically, about the importance of communication in the course of discharging treatment, and also in the medical career, in its entirety.

This is due to the fact that I observed the need of the doctor’s ability to observe and interpret body language and vocal dynamics in an effortless fashion, so as to be able to understand, comfort and reassure the patient of the need to trust and have faith in the doctor’s administration of treatment. From the above development, it is with candidness and unparalleled veracity that I remain categorical that I accrued herein, appropriate and relevant communicative and interpersonal skills at the time I discharged my duties through volunteership at the Artcon Care Home.

Herein, I supported and accorded patients with assistance, with most of the patients being Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases victims. Given my unbridled lust for hands- on experience, I did not let these primordial stage achievements inebriate my conscience with cheap contentment. On the contrary, I proceeded to attend the NVQ2 Social and Health Care Course, a feat which accorded me with a greater chance to care for patients directly and on a one- on- one basis.

Given the fact that I was more intent on accumulating advanced knowledge relatable to the field of medical profession, I took to attending a MedLink Conference at the University of Nottingham. Take note of the fact that herein, the practicals in the practical workshops bequeathed me with a command on wound suturing and X- Ray interpretation. Most of all, I came to learn about the need for: the sacrifices that are required towards excelling in the field of medical profession; and the continual and consistent dedication and commitment which are well known to be instrumental in maintaining awareness concerning constant medical advances.

In another wavelength, it is important that it be taken to stock, the fact that having acted as a Religious Society Coordinator, I undertook the responsibility of maintaining and operating the weekly programs thereof. Just like the hospital situations, I had to deal with last-minute absences; and to this effect, assume the leading role of running pertinent important functions such as making presentations. This can be taken to attest of my adaptability and patience, even in the face of not having the assurance of an imminent rest- a value which is considered unrivalled in worth, as far as the medical fraternity is concerned.

Notice herein that my zeal for the study of medicine is premised upon the desire to help the local society, as much as my personal goals also remain dear to me. In relation to this, I have taken to teach Punjabi at Karamsar Punjabi School. Despite the challenges and the difficulty of teaching young children a new language, the same has been instrumental in allowing me learn the art of interaction with people from all walks of life. From this venture, emanates and oozes contentment; and not because of any perks or salary remunerations, but purely because of this hallmark of concerted effort.

Also joining in the fray of contentment is the reality that I have lived a self driven and dynamic lifestyle. Conversely, I personally have a passion for music, for which I have been performing classics of Sikh music for several years. So profound is this zeal for music that in regard to this, I have embarked on a degree course at the Thames Valley University to study Sikh Music, though this is a foundational degree. Sundry types of performance which I have staged are testified of by the preponderant interfaith conferences at the South- East London schools.

In essence, I take both joy and humility in knowing that I have acquired a comprehensive view concerning the rewards and challenges involved in the pursuit of a medical career. Similarly, my sundry and all experiences possessed first hand have accorded me with an on- the- point account regarding the difficulties and trails of leaving a life of a medical practitioner. Nevertheless, I remain intent and unrelenting, regarding my quest for the medical profession, following the fact that I deem the rewards thereof, fulfilling; with this fulfillment stemming from the love for the amelioration of lives.

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