Analysing performance task

Natalie needs to be good at defending, so she needs to have good ball handling skills. She has to be good at marking and interpreting other players and the ball. This position has to have an accurate passing technique when put under pressure, being in only a fraction of the court she has little space to pass and catch accurately. Her defending skills need to be excellent in order for her to play her position to the best of her ability.

She needs an effective body position, when trying to get the ball she should stand 1 metre away from the opponent and raise her hand in the air on a slant; this is a good defending technique and should be used often by her throughout the game. This makes it difficult for the opposition to shoot or pass accurately. She has to have good footwork skills and she needs to act and think fast to trick the opponents. Excellent concentration is vital. She has to be equally good at marking a moving player as marking a static player. She must be able to dodge, sprint and intercept.

My player will need to have a good dodging technique in order to trick other players to retrieve the ball and pass to a player on her team. She has to have an accurate interception technique, she has to be very accurate when performing this or similar techniques, so that she does not knock the ball offside. To do this well she will have to have excellent timing, making sure there is a player on her team that will be able to catch the moving ball. She has to have good shoulder passing and overhead passing techniques to throw the ball as far away from the goal as possible.

She will have to have a clear signalling method so that other players are able to identify where and when she’ll be and have to be quick to pick up signals from other players to ensure an accurate pass and must be careful of obstructing other players. 5) Observe the player in the activity and identify and describe in detail the strengths of the player according to their position. My partner has good footwork, she always lands 1,2 and is careful of boundaries and other players this affects the game by being able to continue it without stopping for free passes and offsides.

My partner has an excellent catching ability, keeping her eye on the ball, knowing where to receive and bringing the ball into her chest. This will affect the game and the teams performance by preventing the other team from getting the ball. She has a wide range of passing skills and is excellent at all of the throwing techniques and is particularly accurate when chest passing and overhead throwing. Having these skills will continue to improve the quality of the game by being able to retain the ball for her team.

My player has a skill to be able to intimidate other players to shoot away from the goal to other players; she is able to mark a moving player but can defend better when the opponent is static. She jumps to defend a shot and has excellent concentration when defending. Natalie has good movement and balance. She can speed up for the ball and change direction while sprinting. She is flexible and shows clear signals for the ball. She can catch the ball on the move and shows a good understanding of the game. 6) Observe the player in the activity and identify and describe in detail the weaknesses of the player according to their position.

Natalie tends to forget to step into passes. She needs to step into passes so that she can get more force behind the ball but seems to forget when she is being marked by the opposition. Natalie does catch well and gives her 100% effort but sometimes mis-interprets the jumps too early or too late which has sometimes caused the other team to get the ball and score a goal. Sometimes my player does not judge the right amount of strength to throw the ball with correctly. She sometimes throws to hard for short passes and too light for long passes.

This affected her teams performance by giving the opposite team players a chance to get the ball. Natalie at one point in the game was concentrating too much on the ball and not enough on the people around her. She fell into the one of the oppositions player causing them to fall over an hurt herself. This could mean damages to her team, they could be disqualified or Natalie could be sent off. 7) Suggest ways in which any strengths and weaknesses can be improved or corrected What training methods could be used to improve performance? What different practice sessions might be used (use diagrams were necessary)?

To improve the precision of the throw, Natalie should pause for three seconds. She should calculate where the ball is coming from and where to throw the ball. Practice sessions to use to improve throwing technique could be the throw and follow method. This is were three people stand opposite each other 2 on one side one on the other, the side with two people starts with the ball. They throw to the person opposite them and follow behind them, the person who caught the ball throws it to the next person opposite them the diagram below shows this method more clearly.

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