Analysing performance for physical eductation

The skills required to be a good cricketer are that you must be able to bat, bowl and field. You should also be able adapt to the match situation. You must be able to be mentally strong because cricket is a game of two aspects these are Physical and mental. If you are technically the best physically then it doesn’t make you mentally strong. This aspect of cricket depend s on the player because if he is aggressive and very influential, but lacks belief then this man is not mentally strong.

I would define someone as mentally strong who as someone who has the temperament to work on his game, an example of this could be a cricketer has a poor season in batting and bowling. Then this person will work on their technical aspects and will try and improve their cricketing skills. This should result in a better output in performance for this player. I would describe this sought of person as mentally strong. FIELDING * As a good cricketer you should be a good fielder because fielding is a key aspect of cricket. In fielding your aim is to reduce runs you do this by creating pressure.

You should walk in and prevent the batting side to get the singles. If you do this you will create pressure therefore this will mean that the batsman will have to take a risk to score runs, therefore it will create a chance of a wicket or it could enable the fielder to throw the stumps down and take a wicket. This type of fielding is known as close fielding and great exponents of this type of fielding are people such as Ricky Ponting and Jonty Rhodes. This can be seen below where Pakistani fielder Imran Nazir is in a low position and it can be seen that he is walking.

I suspect that the Pakistani’s have kept it tight as a results England’s opening batsmen Marcus Trescothick takes a risk to score runs, but he goes out because Imran Nazir is in a low position, which gives him the chance to create that elevation to jump higher and take an outstanding catch.

You must also have the ability to concentrate in the field because you do not know when the opportunity of taking a wicket will come (when run out opportunities occur of when catches occur). This is why as a fielder the concentration is the key because the teams that concentrate the most will be the team that will be the most affective (this will be the team that takes their opportunities such as catches and run out opportunities).

Throwing is another key aspect of fielding because it reduces the amount of runs by this I mean a person with a good throwing action will generate more speed in their throw without harming any other muscle in their body. People say that you could use an American football and throw that around. By doing this you will get into this motion for throwing the ball. As a result you will generate more speed and power in your throw the key to this is that the accuracy of the throw will be really high.

If this is the case you can reduce the amount of runs the other team scores because the batsmen will fear that by taking the throw on, may result in a run out. This makes the batsmen’s life uncomfortable because it ruins their judgement of taking the runs. This is the perfect technique for throwing illustrated by Nasser Hussain. . Perfect technique He is in a side on position, which allows him to generate more power from his shoulder and because he has his arms up it allows him to point where he wants to throw the ball. This will make his throw accurate. This is England’s best cover fielder, Nasser Hussain, about to let fly.

He doesn’t have a powerful throw but it is accurate. In fielding accuracy is the key. To be a good cricketer you must be good at either batting or bowling because in cricket we have specialist player for each different role, by performing well in a specific role it may enable you to be selected for the team. BOWLING VARIATION Bowling is needed for you to be a good versatile cricketer because by bowling your aim will be take wickets and by taking wickets you will reduce the run rate because their will be no specialist batsman left to carry on scoring runs at a quick rate.

There are also some circumstances in which bowling can be a mind game this is when the bowler is bowling at the end of a innings and if he becomes to predictable then he will be hit for many runs, but if he uses variation then he will prevail because the batsman will not which bowl will be bowled. If the bowler uses variation such as bowling Yorkers then this will make it difficult for the batsman to score runs because the batsmen will not be able to get under the ball and get the right elevation in their shot.

This ball is a good defensive ball and is a good attacking ball because it makes it difficult for the batsmen to score runs and it gives the bowler the chance to swing the ball by bowling full and straight. If the bowler gets the Yorker right then the bowler should get the batsmen out.  The Yorker is the other extreme attacking option. Instead of bouncing the ball at the batsman’s upper body, it’s an attempt to sneak it under his bat. Above it can be seen how difficult it is to play the Yorker because it can be seen that even the great Brian Lara can struggle with this ball.

For a bowler of any speed, fast or slow, a good length ball is one they hope won’t be scored off because it will be difficult for the batsmen to judge the ball length and it’s deviation off the pitch. Good length ball is bowled when the bowler pitches the ball five or six yards in front of the batsman, leaving him unsure whether to play back or forward. For a slow bowler it will be further up, perhaps two yards in front of the batsman. This will make the batsmen unsure because he won’t be able to judge the length.

As a result this may lead to a error by the batsmen and this will enable the bowler to take a wicket. * Short length ball is a ball, which is bowled eight yards from the batsman, and this forces the batsmen onto his back foot. If it is a quick ball the batsmen might have to move duck away from the ball, but he may have to keep his eyes on the ball. This is because if he doesn’t then he may get hit, which may result in a injury or it may hit his bat or glove, this may result in the batsmen losing his wicket. If the ball is to short then it may be hit for a boundary.

A half volley is a ball, which is bowled full and pitched outside off stump. Bowling this ball will temp the batsmen to drive the ball. If you carry on bowling this ball it could be a wicket taking ball or a run scoring ball. As a bowler you could bowl this ball because it could get you a wicket because the batsmen may have a lapse in concentration and this may result in a wicket. This will be bowled and it will hit the pitch two yards from the batsman. It’s easier to drive this delivery because bat contact will be made closer to the pitch of the ball; it won’t bounce up as much or have time to deviate.

With a half volley there is not as much risk in playing the drive because the ball will be close to your body therefore as a batsmen you will be able to hit this ball with ease. A lapse in concentration of the batsmen could lead to a wrong shot and therefore the batsmen may give his wicket away. * A bouncer is a ball, which is bowled and it pitches halfway down the pitch this ball will bounce, but if you are tall bowler then you will extract more bounce and if you are also fast then you then you will hit the pitch harder as a result you will get more bounce and this will trouble the batsmen because the ball will come quicker onto the batsmen.

If you bowl a ball to short it will be a long hop and this is a bouncer that has not been bowled properly therefore it could be hit easily. Another key aspect of bowling is the run up. If as a bowler you have a nice smooth upright action, but your run up is not smooth then you will bowl no balls. By this I mean you will over step the bowling crease. If you get the batsmen out you will not be given the wicket because the ball will be called a no ball and a run will be added to the scorecard of the batting team. To solve this problem you will have to will have to work on your run up.

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