A Substance Known as Alcohol

Parents are concerned that something might happen to their beloved sons or daughters if they are not in the conscious state of mind at all times. They might do things that they don’t normally do when they are sober or they might cause a great deal of trouble because of the lack of power to determine what is right and what is wrong; the excess amount of courage buried under them might be unleashed and that undiscovered treasure can bring about unimaginable possibilities.

Many college students come in contact with this dangerous beverage, known as alcohol, in social gatherings, such as parties, barbecues and clubs; it may also be part of tailgating before a big football game or simply something to stimulate their brain cells to begin their long journey of homework and study, even though it’s a depressant. Although all colleges forbid their underage students from consuming this drink, students still do it, either in parties or secretly in their dorms.

No matter how much parents warn their children about how dangerous alcohol is or the danger of drunk driving, they most often will still drink, so why not let them experience it before they go to college? In that case, they will know their tolerance and they will know how it feels to be drunk or buzzed, so they can take care of themselves and not let anything happen to them. All parents are most concerned about drunk driving and rapes. Many accidents are caused by drunk drivers. No one wants those accidents to happen, because they can be prevented by a tint of soberness.

Both sides of the car accident will grieve over the tragic event. Parents are probably especially concerned about their daughters when it comes to drinking in college because they might be poisoned in a social gathering and something negative might happen to them or they might drink so much that they lose their vigilant power to sense danger. Most college students drink in social gatherings. Parents either pray to god that nothing will happen to them or they deny that their children are misbehaving in the absence of their care.

Students might want to experience this new unknown substance or they might be peer-pressured into drinking; either way, they will end up consuming this product. Teenagers should definitely try this new experience with some sort of supervision. If parents teach their children how to drink and inform them how high or low their tolerance is, then maybe they can prevent those tragedies. Parents might want to purchase different types of alcohol, such as beer, whiskey, vodka, and wine and set a night up with their children to try all these beverages.

Children will find out how each of these tastes like, how they look after they drink and what happens to them afterwards. Parents should tape-record this whole process to show their children their transformations from sober beasts to vulnerable beings. This is all done under parental supervision, so nothing dangerous or hazardous can happen if everything is under control. This experiment has to be done with alcohol, because children probably won’t listen to their parents about the dangers of alcohol if they just talk about it. Parents need some hands-on proof to prove what they’re saying is right.

Also, the more they drink the higher tolerance they build but while some may be allergic to alcohol. After this experiment and when their children go to a party or a club, they may stop drinking when they know they have reached their limit or they may remember that mom told them to stay at a friend’s house and not go home for the night because they doesn’t have capability to focus and respond quickly enough to conduct driving on the road in the dark. These little reminders can save millions of lives and regrets from both the parents and their children.

It may be against the codes of parenting but they would probably be most graceful when they learn that their children are safe because of the things they taught them. This may be reverse psychology to teach their children one of the most important lessons of their lives and it’s the parents’ greatest wish to hear or see their children safe and them enjoying the time of their lives. Many people tell teenagers to enjoy their lives while they can and to enjoy college before they go to the real world to work. Most graduates would say that college is the best time of their lives because they meet so many people and they learn so many new things.

Part of college is all about new experiences and meeting new people from various places with different backgrounds and cultures. In college, everyone is independent of their parents and they learn how to take care of themselves and how to make decisions on their own. College can be a place to get higher education but it can also be a place for the last step of adult development. After college, many will enter the work force and begin a whole new life with a whole new different set of rules to follow. College helps everyone become maturer and they eventually learn how to take responsibilities for their own actions.

Their parents aren’t there to solve all their problems anymore. To many, social gatherings will increase the amount of experience and human interactions. These experiences and human interactions will shape their character and wellbeing. The more they interact with other people, the better they become when it comes to problems. It is true that students don’t have to drink to have fun at a party or other social gatherings but it’s part of an experience. Alcohol can break the ice between two people, which increases human interactions.

Parents should not encourage drinking, but they should definitely teach their children what alcohol is, the feeling of being “buzzed” or “drunk”, their disabilities as a human being when they lose the intelligence to think correctly and the aftermath of alcohol. The aftermath might prevent their children from drinking so much because those headaches can torture the strongest people on this planet. If they have never tried this unknown substance and begin in college, many things might happen to them if they hang around the wrong people.

Reasons why the law might have forbidden people under the age of twenty-one to drink are the rate of rapes and accidents caused by drunk driving. If the rate wasn’t so high, the drinking age might have been lower. The authorities probably set the drinking age to twenty-one because children are considered to be fully-grown when they turn twenty-one. They should be able to bear the responsibilities for their actions and they should be able to take care of themselves. Also, they should have the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Many people are probably experienced consumers by the time they become legal drinkers.

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