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According to Canada’s top health consultants and officers, the Ebola disease risk for Canada is very low. As United State, is facing Ebola disease issue because of tourist and travelers from Liberia and West African Countries. According to Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Canada is prepared to mitigate the risk of Ebola virus and prepare to prevent spread of this virus as, all Airports, hospitals and laboratories in Canada is prepared to treat and contain in this virus.

He mention, Ebola virus is more effective in 3 African countries as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and fortunately there are no direct fight from this countries to Canada, this can be one of the reason that Canada may have less risk from Ebola virus as compare to United States.

At all International Airport in Canada, Canada Border Agencies have prepared one program to deal with Ebola Virus, which is to make sure travelers from Ebola affected countries are feeling good and healthy and they are not sick, if they feel sick then they will have to pass from full assessment by quarantine officer; in this way Canadian Border Service is taking precaution to prevent country from Ebola and similar viruses.

Canada has started its preparation before Ebola Virus attacks Canadian society, as the vaccine Canada is providing to World Health Organization, the Canada is having in stock for their health workers if they need this vaccine. The Quebec and Winnipeg’s National Microbiology laboratory are already providing 1st stage Ebola Diagnosing Tests and 4 other provincial labs will be ready soon to do so.

Canadian hospitals already have guideline from Public Health of Canada, as they have to make sure the patients who have traveled to Africa have any symptoms Ebola, such as Fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Till now 20 suspect patient have isolated to hospital and all of them test result for Ebola Virus was negative. One of the US citizen, visited Liberia was not feeling well after 6 days of back to America and in Dallas Hospital he was diagnosed as he is a victim of Ebola Virus.

Mai Wureh American citizen had visited his brother place in Africa who is a victim of Ebola Virus. Mai Wureh was informed to go back to his home after giving antibiotic but after returning to Texas, she was not feeling well. Mai Wureh admitted to Texas hospital as she is the victim of Ebola virus. Conclusion: Ebola risk in Canada is very low as compare to United States and other countries and Canada is well prepared to handle Ebola Virus issue and to prevent spreading it in Canada. According to Dr. Frieden, America will stop spreading of Ebola Virus. Reason to support conclusion:

1. According to Barrack Obama Ebola virus can’t be spread through water, air and food. He posted on government websites and social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter that, America is prepare for response as they have best doctors and health infrastructure in the world. 2. In Canada, 20 Ebola suspects have diagnose and none of them was Ebola Victim, this is a good news for Canada, as in Canada Ebola Virus has not arrived. 3. Canada is well prepared for handling Ebola issue as, all Airports and Canada Border Agency is making sure that travelers from Ebola Affected countries are good in health and labs are getting prepare for dealing with Ebola Virus.

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