Vision Correction

There are various options for individuals who suffer from loss of vision, either partially or chronically, and with various outcomes. Much depends on the nature of the individual’s condition, as no two clients are seldom alike. Many today are considering laser eye surgery and LASIK procedures, but there is some controversy as well as a lot of aggressive marketing around these surgeries, and there is criticism that some patients may not know the risk or options. In fact, there are various procedures that can correct or delay vision lost, and laser surgery is not the only option available.

With PRK, a laser reshapes the cornea’s surface, so it is essentially a lot like LASIK, except that the flaps of the retina are not lifted; “CK, or conductive keratoplasty, corrects farsightedness or astigmatism by beaming radiofrequency waves around the cornea’s edge. Lasers aside, a hard plastic lens can be implanted through a small incision in the eye, in front of the natural lens” (Worried, 2008). So patients should not only think that they have one option and that it is LASIK or laser eye surgery, even though there is a lot of tough marketing.

And also as with any surgery there are risks with which the patient needs to be familiar. These risks mentioned above also relate to safety concerns about various procedures including LASIK and laser procedures. When there is a marketing blitz on a product like LASIK and it is going through the new business channels of the US managed healthcare system, people start to form unrealistic expectations about treatment. Through word of mouth and other marketing, laser surgery is often known as a treatment that has stunning impact of success, but less is known about the long term.

This has led to criticism of the laser surgery, because there is an element that argues against this commodification of treatment which turns things like drugs and surgeries into commercials for the general public to view and demand. Risks of LASIK are still very real, and many people just simply do not have the patience to deal with the procedure, for whatever reason. This is why there are so many alternatives, for different people’s comfort levels or levels of candidacy for the surgery.

Many procedures can potentially give patients up close vision that is very good, and also simultaneously improve distance vision. LASIK and other laser eye surgeries are something for many people to consider. In the LASIK operation, the doctor removes part of the cornea or rather peels it back like a skin, and then reshapes the part that is underneath, causing corrections in existing eye problems such as near and far sighted vision. Sometimes lasers are used in both the peeling back and the reshaping of the cornea, and sometimes they are used only in the latter part.

There are also people who would like to improve their vision but for whatever reason they cannot get laser eye surgery, and they need to have options too. “One in four patients who seeks LASIK and undergoes a battery of pre-surgery testing is deemed a poor candidate. Maybe the cornea is too thin, or the pupils too large, or nearsightedness too severe, or their expectations unrealistic. ” (Worried, 2008). Many people are talking about LASIK and laser eye surgery, but having a lot of information about various options is useful in the long term.


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