Trainning Programme

By looking at my table of results, I believe I was average overall but I could definitely improve on each one of these tests after the 6 week training programme. I can see that I need to improve on my flexibility and strength by seeing the result of the sit and reach test. I believe I could improve on this result over the next 6 sessions of my training programme. If I manage to achieve my target, I shall be pleased with myself and I will then know where I have improved overall and enhanced my performance in these areas. By looking at my result in the bleep test, I can see that I gained an average result.

However, after my 6 sessions of the training circuit I hope to improve on this result as my endurance should have improved over the 6 weeks as this is my main focus. I also hope to have improved on all of these fitness tests after the 6 sessions of my fitness programme and hope to become a better performer overall. I have set myself two specific targets in which I want to have achieved after my 6 week training programme. 1. More power in throwing the ball through my arm muscles. I have set myself this muscular endurance target to help me with my play in netball.

By working at my target, I hope to achieve a more accurate and powerful throw of the ball due to the strength in my arm muscles. This will then help me with my ball skills within a netball match. 2. Quicker dodges against players through sharp feet and reaction skills. I believe that I can achieve this cardiovascular endurance target within my six week training programme. I feel that this target will help me with my ability and agility to play netball. I think that by dodging through dotted cones within my circuit, this will enhance my performance on my dodging skills as I will be lighter on my feet after my six week training programme.

Awareness of Safety Aspects Exercise safety is important to avoid injury. There may be risks and dangers of injuries or accidents during activity if we do not set out apparatus or equipment correctly. For example the mats cannot be right next to the benches as people doing ski jumps may injure someone on the mat whilst jumping from side to side, this would be very dangerous and cause major injury to both performers. Making sure all apparatus are all set out correctly and not in the path of any other station and that they will be safe to use.

You also need to check all equipment before beginning any type of exercise. This will ensure everything is safe to use and there will be no risks or any injuries caused. For example one station cannot be too near another as it could cause injury or prevent the performer performing to their highest efforts. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercise is essential to ensure you do not dehydrate and can continue exercising for longer. What you wear is also very important in exercising, such as the correct shoes. Trainers should be worn throughout your activities.

You also need to ensure your hair is tied back and laces are tied up, to participate better in any activity. All jewellery needs to be taken off before exercise as it is dangerous to be worn as it may cause injury and risks. Warming up is vital before exercise as you need to warm up muscles and joints to prevent injury during exercise. To prepare my body for exercise I shall do a short but thorough warm up. It is important my warm up is specific to the exercise that will follow, which means that exercises should prepare the muscles to be used and to activate the energy systems that are required for that particular activity.

This will include jumping, and jogging on the spot to increase heart rate and to get the blood pumping around the body. Next I shall do long stretches to extend the muscles slowly, so not to pull them during exercise, as this could lead to injury. It is essential to warm up as it increases the speed of contraction and relaxation in warmed muscles, and also mentally prepares you for exercise. Without a warm up I could pull many muscles, causing soreness and injury and in addition I am not getting my heart rate at a workable rate for the beginning of exercise.

After my warm up I shall start exercise. Cool down is also very important to do as it returns you to your resting pulse rate and prevents lactic acid from building up within joints and muscles and prevents fatigue. After exercising I shall do a cool down. This will gradually allow my heart rate and breathing to lower to a comfortable level. I shall cool down by repeating slow stretches, until my pulse is down to resting rate. Cooling down will prevent lactic acid from occurring; however will not prevent muscle soreness.

Cooling down will also reduce the chances of dizziness or fainting caused by the pooling of venous blood. Another benefit is that it reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood. When planning the order of exercise you need to make sure you are not working the same sets of muscles consecutively. The first activity in my circuit will be press ups, and as they are working my muscular endurance, my next exercise will be working my cardiovascular endurance. My second station is skipping ropes which are cardiovascular endurance; the next will then be squats as they are muscular endurance.

I will keep alternating my stations so there are not two muscular or cardiovascular endurances together, so therefore my fourth station will be ski jumps as they are cardiovascular. My next station will be sit ups, using muscular endurance, then the ladder for cardiovascular endurance. Next shall be the cones as they use muscular endurance, then my following activity will be throwing a ball to the wall for cardiovascular endurance. My ninth station will be side steps, and then finally step ups for cardiovascular endurance.

All these stations shall be in my circuit, alternating muscular and cardiovascular endurance to ensure I have an effective and specific circuit. Appropriateness of Chosen Exercises Ladder: I have chosen this activity as it will improve my skills in many different areas. By completing this station each week it should gradually build up my cardiovascular endurance, speed and overall determination. By wanting to beat my target that I have set each week, this station should determine me to push myself to the best of my ability and to beat the target I have set myself, causing me to go as fast as I can to complete this increasing my speed.

This exercise is very suitable for my circuit in the way that it is a strong cardiovascular endurance exercise and will be a challenge each week. This will also be very suitable for my sport as I will need a lot of cardiovascular endurance to be able to continue playing my sport for a long period of time. I chose this activity as I have never done this type of exercise before. I believe it shall be very interesting to have it in my circuit as you can do many different steps and patterns within the ladder. I will not find it boring to do, and therefore push myself to the best that I am capable of.

It is also good for different step patterns which are essential in netball. I could also change the intensity of the activity each week making it more challenging to do. I want to improve my accuracy skills, so running in and out of the spaces of the ladder should help enhance my performance in this area. I want to be able to continue running for a longer period of time, so this should also help to improve my performance at this. Above are some foot drills that I could use on the ladder. However, as I have never done this activity before I shall keep it simple by using the single leg run.

Nevertheless, once I feel confident enough that I could achieve a good performance in another drill I shall then go on to the double leg run and carry out this drill on the ladder. Press-ups: I want to improve my upper body strength as I want to have a more accurate and powerful throw. I also mentioned this in my specific targets, as I want to be able to improve muscle strength. To improve my ability in performance, I feel that press-ups are a good way to do this, as they work on your arm muscles and therefore develop strength.

So by doing at least 20 of these a week I should see some improvement. I will not need much space or equipment to carry out this activity. I shall only need a mat to carry out my press ups. This will not take up much room and will be easy to get out and put away. This exercise will also help me achieve my target of better muscular endurance. As I push myself each week, I will gradually develop more strength in my arm and shoulder muscles and therefore have more power behind my arm which will result in being able to complete my target of having a more powerful and accurate throw.

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