Training Programme

When planning for circuit training I need to consider the order of exercises. Each station should focus on a different part of the body which is done to avoid the muscles being over worked. If two or more station works on the same specific mode muscle group then this could cause a serious injury. Also when I’m planning the circuit I must consider the type of exercise that will be included to ensure that I achieve the fitness goals that I have set myself. For example, when using some weights in a circuit I have to check if the weights are the current weight for me to develop my muscular endurance than my muscular strength.

Explain how and why you will prepare your body for exercise/and help it to recover afterwards. Before begin, I must warm up properly. Warming up is important because it helps get the body ready for what type of exercise is ahead of you. Warming up also reduces the chance of any Injury while I’m exercising. Types of warms up would be: – Push ups – Stretching your muscles (bicep, triceps, quadriceps, hamstring) After the session I must perform a cool down which helps get rid of lactic acid and helps bring my heart beat to normal. This involves 5 – 10 minutes of not exercising making sure my heart beat steadily decrease back to its normal rate.

4 Appropriateness of chosen exercises Explain why you have chosen at least two of the exercises/ activities and how they will help you achieve your targets. 5 marks Reason for choosing Exercise 1: Shuttle Runs Shuttle runs is a type of exercise that I have included in my circuit programme due to the reasons that this particular exercise will help me to develop my cardiovascular endurance as well as my muscular endurance. Shuttle runs is a very good type of exercise for games players as it specific to the nature of the sport. Shuttles are related to games activity as you need to stop and go continuously in most types of physical activities.

For example in football, when you’re a Midfielder you’d have to sprint with the ball, up and down and when you have to be static when receiving a pass from your teammate. Reason for choosing Exercise 2: Press ups I included press ups as one of my stations in circuit training due to the reasons that this types of exercise helps develop your upper body strength as performing every day movements e. g. carrying shopping bags. These can be done with ease and therefore reducing the risk of injury. Press ups are related to my games activity as you need to use upper body strength for most types of physical training.

For example, in football when you have the ball and you’re running with the ball and a defender is trying to tackle you from the side using their own body strength, you must use your upper body strength to hold off the defender from tackling you and winning possession of the ball. 5 Appropriate application. 5 marks Explain how your training will progress each time and how you will be working harder. To make sure I improve my fitness levels, I must use and apply the principles of training to my training programme and to the sessions that I complete. The principles of training are:

S – Specifity: is when you do specific exercises, on specific parts of the body in specific ways. E. g. a footballer would do a lot of exercise to develop their fitness/stamina/health. P – Progression: starting slowly and gradually increasing the amount that you do – applied to circuit training O – Overload: working with enough intensity to improve your performance R – Reversibility: just as progression leads to improvement, if you stop or decrease the training you go into reverse and lose the effect. In my training programme I applied the principle of overload, through the theme of intensity. I was increasing the intensity I was working.

This included completing each exercise during the circuit and recording the number of repetitions I completed at the station. Session 1 was used as a baseline session, to find out the number of repetitions I was capable of achieving for each station. Through applying progression and overload through intensity, I looked at the number of repetitions I achieved from each exercise and then gave myself a target to achieve for the next session. This was applied throughout the whole programme. When I set myself a target I didn’t increase it by a lot I only increased it a bit so I could work in the same amount of time.

Every type of exercise has a particular effect on the body. The type of training we choose must be right for the type of improvement we want to see. We must always use a training programme that puts regular stress …

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A training programme can be used to improve general fitness and skill in a sport. The training programme can be adapted to suit the user. Using the programme over a period of time will increase the fitness of the user. …

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