Training sessions

These were the results of the handgrip test. You can see that the strength in my arm has actually increased. I did the handgrip test and the average after the training sessions is higher than the average before. Training sessions I started off by using small weights and using various weight machines to see what was what. The training at this stage wasn’t that intense but in the second session I stuck to using one machine and in one session I gradually increased the weights. In the third session I used all the machines that worked on the upper body and I used weights that I could lift but I was on them individually for quite a long time.

In the fourth session I used a single machine and I trained intensely. I used the bench shoulder press and used a weight of 30kg and I worked on it for about 10mins had a break and then did this about 4 times so I was gradually improving. In my penultimate training session I again worked on all the machines and gradually increased the amount of weight on them so I was overloading. I did the same thing in the final session, however I spent a longer amount of time on each machine and worked hard as it was my final session.

Heart Rate My heart rate was about 160 during the training so I knew that I was working hard. My max heart rate would be about 205 so I was quite close and about 80bmp up on my normal heart rate. As well as increasing my strength in my upper body I was also improving my cardio vascular system by working it hard a lot. Recovery Rate After the training sessions I found that my recovery rate had reduced. By working on the machines, my cardio vascular system improved, therefore resulted in my recovery rate also improving. In the final session of my training I found that I wasn’t getting as tired as I was during the first sessions.

Conclusion The training benefited me in 4 different ways. Firstly, my aim was accomplished. My strength in my upper body increase, resulting in a more powerful serve in tennis. Secondly, my cardio vascular system improved too. This was a positive affect of training hard on the weight machines. This also linked with my recovery rate. My cardio vascular system helped my recovery rate to lower. I found that I could work for longer amounts of time at the same intensity during the final sessions of the training than I could at the start.

Summary My results prove that my training has worked. My average handgrip test was higher than it was before the training programme. The strength in my arm has increased and so has the power in my tennis programme. My results also show that my lowest score out of the three after the training was actually higher than the highest score before the training so there was a big improvement.

Planning the Programme I believe I choose the right training and type of training. This is because I linked the sport I was doing to the type of training. I wanted to improve the strength in my arm so I decided to use weights that worked on my arms. By doing this, I would increase the power in my server in the game of Tennis.

Monitoring the Programme I think that I did choose the right exercise because it was specifically working on my arms and my strength. I increased the intensity, (heavier weights) so that I was able to cope with the same weights later on easier. I also worked for longer so that my cardio vascular system also improved. This wasn’t part of my aim but it linked into the same type of training and improved at the same time as well as my recovery rate.

Performing the Programme Before I started my training programme I did the handgrip test and got an average of 3 readings of 35, which is an average score for my age group. I wanted this to improve so I started my programme spending a little amount of time on various weights in one lesion. I thought that this would push me and that I would find it difficult but it wasn’t proving right. I think I used the right weight machines because the specifically worked on my arms and my biceps.

I initially intended to use a variety of machines but I then decided to work on one that worked specifically on my bicep as I thought this was necessary to improve my power in a server. I applied all the rules I thought I should. I increased the intensity, i.e. the amount of time on the machines, the weight on the machines etc. This made me gradually work harder each session so I was pushing myself further each time, overloading. Using the weight machines was very simple. I didn’t need much equipment as it was already there and I found them all easy to use. I also found the sessions quite enjoyable as I was working with a friend and was listening to music at the time, this was to prevent me from becoming bored and losing my motivation. I didn’t feel that I should have chosen a different type of training as this, I thought worked well and was enjoyable.

During the fourth session, I found that I wasn’t as tired as I was in the first session using the same machine at the same intensity. However, I did feel tired in the 5th session because I had done a session the previous day and my body was tired and aching and this was maybe a down side of training so much and I think that if I had more time I could make the results better as I would be fully fit in each individual training session. After I completed all the sessions I did the handgrip test again. I got an average of 39. This proves that the training did actually work and demonstrates that my strength did improve in my arms and my cardiovascular system and recovery rate also developed further as a secondary result of training.

Final Evaluation Overall I think that the training programme was very successful, I not only accomplished my aim, but I did two further more improvements to my body. I improved my cardio vascular system by doing the training and my recovery rate was reduced. I found the training sessions enjoyable and even in the fourth session when I was tired, I was still motivated and carried on with the training Which proves how much I thought the training was working. Doing the training programme had several benefits and I don’t think there is one down side apart from the fact that a lot of time has to be spent during the training. My aim was to improve the power in my tennis serve and I completed the task and my power is now better.

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During the training I will only need several weight machine and a handgrip test to test how much I have improved. What are my targets? My aim of the training programme is to be able to server a faster serve in Tennis. …

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This means to do more than normally we do. My training programme is progressive, which causes overloading. So through overloading I am using the F. I. T principal which means frequency, intensity and timing. Frequency means how often we work, …

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