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Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment or life style. I think I am fit because I go to school everyday and I manage to go to all my lessons to learn. After school, at home I do homework and coursework. After that I go to mosque every day 3 times by walk which takes me approximately 10 minutes way. So in a week I walk for about 3 and half hours. Health is being of state physically, mentally and socially free from disease. I am healthy because I don’t have any injuries or health problems.

In the multi-stage fitness test my score was lower because I was fasting during that day and I wasn’t allowed to drink water so that’s why my score was lower. For my physical activities I do 5 GCSC P. E lessons every fort night. I do jogging for about 20-30 minutes on weekends. My target is to do 5 training sessions to improve my speed and muscle power. I want to improve my speed to complete a whole rounder regularly and to get to the next base safely by being quicker when playing rounders.

I want to improve my muscle power so that I could hit the ball harder so that the ball gets far away, during fielding I would be able to throw the ball quickly. The table which is above shows how fit I am. My score before training for cardio-vascular endurance is 4. 1. My score is low because on that day I was fasting and wasn’t allowed to drink water so that’s why I didn’t had enough energy. I need good cardio-vascular endurance so that I could keep playing the rounders for a long time without getting tired.

So my aim is to improve my cardio-vascular endurance up to 8.0 after training, by using a lot of water during it. My score before training for agility is 20. 15 seconds. I need good agility so I can run fast base to base, changing direction at speed. My aim is to improve my agility by decreasing my time to 18. 5 seconds. The arrows with the pictures are showing that in which position which muscle is stretching. Cones: the user must be careful otherwise they can trip over the cone and get hurt. If the user stand on the cone, the cone could move, this could cause twist in her/his ankle.

The order of my exercises will be arm, leg and stomach muscle because I think that this is the appropriate order because through this order my muscles will be able to take equal rest one by one while other will work. So in this way this order will prvent tiredness, injuries and cramp in my muscles. I will use correct techniques e. g. during use of medicine ball, I will keep the ball in front which will save me hurting on my head if it falls or arching my back. For warm up to prepare for exercise I will do jogging and stretching to make myself mentally and physically prepared.

It will also develop my sport techniques. This will happen by increasing my heart rate, the amount of breaths and increasing the amount of blood flow to my muscles. After doing exercise I will do jogging and stretching again to warm down myself. I will do this to make sure that my blood doesn’t pool in my skeletal system and to remove lactic acid. If I don’t warm down my muscles could be stiff. For doing any exercise our clothes must be appropriate. They shouldn’t be so tight because our body must be able to breathe and cool down. Tight clothes make difficult for our body to respire.

Our clothes shouldn’t be very loose because they could cause the player to stuck with something e. g. equipment. With the loose clothes cannot use his/her full ability of flexibility. The shoe laces on our trainers must be tight otherwise the player may trip over if they are loose. The shoes must not be slippery otherwise player might slip. Appropriateness of chosen exercise Specificity means just work on the areas we need. (Fountain and Goodwin, 2002. Pg 81). In my training session three exercises which are specific to my targets and my sport ’rounders’ are press ups, squat Thrusts and shuttles.

Press ups are very useful for my arm muscles. I need strong arm muscles so by doing this I will be able to hit the ball harder. During fielding I will be able to throw the ball further. Press ups are very similar action to the action when we hit the ball harder in the rounders. Squat thrusts are very useful for my arm and leg muscles because they make my muscles more powerful. By doing this my leg and arm muscles can able to work for longer without getting tired and can become used to it. So I will be able to play rounders for long time without getting tired.

They are very similar to rounders while we running. Shuttles are very important for my sport because by doing this I can improve my running speed. Shuttles are also very similar to my sport because in shuttles I have to run to the line and then return back towards the line where I started and in rounders I have to run base to base. So during playing rounders I will be able to run fast from base to base to get a score. Appropriate Application Specificity: This means to work on the areas you need for a specific sport.

So my training programme develops my arm and leg muscles which are very important for rounders. With strong muscles in my legs I will be able to run faster & for longer without getting tired. With help of strong arm muscles I will be able to hit the ball & throw the ball further. Progression: This means starting slowly and building up. My training programme is progressive because in every training session, my arm & leg muscles are improving by increasing timing and decreasing the rest time after every two training sessions.

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