Training Programme

Each week will consist of 3 sessions; I will be continually running, swimming, and cycling once a week to improve my cardiovascular endurance. Warm-Ups for running will be a very slow jog to begin with before I set the proper pace for my run. Warm-Ups for cycling will be some simple leg stretches before I set off. Warm-Ups for swimming will be some simple stretches and a slow length before I start to swim continuously. Week 1 Running Picked a route to use, which is about a 15 minute walk. Tried to run continually but had to stop several times because I felt like collapsing with exhaustion. Hopefully will be able to run the entire route by the end of the training programme.

Cycling Cycled the same route that I ran earlier in the week. Struggled going uphill and only stopped a few times. Going downhill was much easier. Swimming Swam continually for about 5 minutes before I felt exhausted. Week 2 Running Ran with a friend, which was motivating but also distracting because I was having conversations while running which meant i got out of breath easier. Stopped several times. Cycling Still struggling going uphill but downhill is ridiculously easy. Will have to change gears next week to I have to pedal while going downhill.

Swimming Swam continually until I felt exhausted. Week 3 Running Ran on my own which was much better than last week. I took my iPod with me so I could have something to listen to. Having music helps me run better because I have a beat to run to, it also makes running much less boring. I only stopped a few times but I felt much healthier than at the beginning of Week 1. Cycling Struggled going uphill again but I didn’t stop once because I was determined not to. Pedalled downhill as well but decided to do the whole route again because I didn’t really feel tired. This is an example of overloading by training for a longer time that I normally would have.

Swimming Swam for a few minutes longer than last week, however this was because I didn’t have to cycle all the way to the leisure centre and so had more energy than usual. Week 4 Running Managed not to stop at all, even if I wasn’t running I made sure I was jogging lightly at least. Cycling Cycling uphill was easier than it was a few weeks ago, so I must be getting fitter because of all the swimming and running. I am still not satisfied that I am doing enough exercise on my bike though because I can just freewheel downhill. Did the whole route again but pushed myself by cycling faster uphill.

Swimming Decided to overload by swimming faster than usual, which meant I was exhausted at the end of the session. Felt much better afterwards because I had managed to push myself harder. Week 5 Running Ran most of the way but the weather was horrible so didn’t enjoy it at all. Found it hard to run in the freezing cold because my legs felt really stiff even though I had stretched properly. It was hard to measure if I had improved at running at all because of the weather. Didn’t feel as out of breath when I finished. Cycling Completed 3 routes on m bike because it was the last session. Tried really hard going uphill and didn’t stop once. Swimming Because it was my last session I was more motivated and swam continuously for about double the time that I did in Week 1. Felt much healthier and my recovery time was far less that it was in Week 1.

Fitness Test Results (after 6 weeks’ training) Component of Fitness Test Level Flexibility Seeing how far arms can reach 38cm Balance Balancing on 1 leg for 60 seconds Full 60 seconds Power How far I can jump from standing 1m 83 Agility Run round a course 14 seconds Cardiovascular Endurance Bleep Test 6.3 Muscular Endurance Abdominal Bleep Test 0.3 Evaluation I thoroughly enjoyed the training programme because it gave me incentive to actually get out and exercise. I liked the fact that I had something structured to work to; because it’s not something I would normally stick to if I felt that I didn’t really have to do it.

If I did this training programme again, I would choose a different aspect of fitness to improve, because I think that it works really well. I improved on everything apart from the abdominal bleep test, but this was because it wasn’t something I had tried to improve, and I also wasn’t properly prepared for it. It would definitely be something I would try to improve if I did the programme again. I was pleased to see how dramatically my bleep test score had improved by just doing 3 sessions a week to improve my cardiovascular endurance.

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