Training programme

I walk to and from the train station 4/5 days a week for 45 each time, I do dance for 1hr 15mins, I have 3hr of PE lessons a week, and horse riding 30mins -1hr a week. Remember to complete and include your personal fitness profile record sheet. Set your targets State what you hope to achieve by the end of your training programme. Consider stamina, strength, flexibility, speed. What skills in you sport do you hope to improve as a result of becoming fitter? I want to improve my score in the cooper run by 100m.

I want to improve my score for the Illinois agility test by 3 sec. I want to improve my score in the N.C.F multi stage fitness by 0.2 levels. If my stamina was better I would be able to participate in my horse riding lessons for a longer amount of time without getting tired. If my strength was better I would be able to be in control of the horse more. Awareness of Safety Outline any potential risks with any equipment or apparatus that you plan to use. What checks have you made? Beams- made sure that they a secure and will not fall down and hurt someone

Benches- make sure that all the screws a done up tightly and that they are hooked up correctly on the wall bars and that they are on even ground. Skipping rope- make sure that they are not too long or not too short Mats- make sure that they will not slip and that they are flat on the floor and not overlapping and make sure that they are in the correct place to give people a soft landing if they do fall. Box tops- make sure that they are not falling to bits and that they are on an even ground.

What factors will you consider when planning the order or types of exercises in your programme? I decided to choose circuit training as it is not boring, also the exercises can mimic actions in horse riding and the exercises are easy to setup and to record. When planning the circuit training order or types of exercise in my program I am going to Set up the stations so that different muscle groups or body parts are not adjacent stations. If the stations were adjacent then the area of muscles would get very tired which could result in injury and not reaching potential.

Warming up and Cooling down Explain how and why you will prepare your body for exercise and help it to recover after each training session. Warming up If you do not prepare your body for exercise you risk serious injury i.e. strain muscle, ligament or tendon. I prepare my body by warming up to that it: 1. Reduces stiffness. 2. Increases the speed of muscle contraction and relaxation. 3. Warms up your body and muscles 4. Increases the blood flow, metabolism and muscle temperature. 5. Allows the heart rate to get to a workable rate for beginning exercise so that blood is pumped to muscles quicker making them warm and supple. 6. Works to it full ability.

My warm up is: Jog for 3-5 minutes this is to increase my heart rate. Then I will do dynamic stretches I do these because it keeps you moving and will not decrease your body warmth or heart rate. I increased the working time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds and decreases the rest time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds this helped me progress and it increased the intensity of the training programme if I did it again I think I would increase the working time more and decrease the rest time to improve my fitness even more.

I also changed the order in the last session I did this because I wanted to see if the order had an affect in the results. The order was skipping, dish, rev press ups, Burpees, shuttle runs, ladder runs; sit ups, star jumps, astride jumps, step ups. These changes made a difference and all the scores increased so next time I will really think about the order carefully to reach my full potential. Explain the effects performing had on you in any of your sessions.

During the sessions my muscles ached and I got cramp this was due to the lactic acid build up also my heart rate increased to pump more blood round the body, I got hot and sweated a lot this was due to friction of muscles and I sweated to get rid of the heat. Also my technique deteriated for example the ladder kept moving and I had to stop to put it back and also the skipping rope got caught up on my legs and I had to re-adjust it. In the long run I was able to horse ride for longer without getting tired so my stamina increased. My muscles increased in strength as I was able to control the parts of my body more easily.

Were the results you achieved what you expected? Explain why this was/ was not the case. I had not expected any difference in my fitness as other regular exercise hadn’t improved my fitness. I set smart target that I thought would be easy to reach I reached 2 out of 3 which is better than I expected. I had never done a training programme and I dint know the effects of it. I did a try out session but the sores I got in that were quite low compared to the real ones.

Evaluation Final evaluation Respond to the statements / questions in the first colmnRefer to your test scores after completing your programme After completing the training programme I redid the test that I had taken before these were the results I increased by 0.3 levels in the N.F.C multi stage fitness that was one of my targets that I achieved. In the cooper test I increased by 140m my target was to increase by 100m so I reached that target. My other target was to decrease the Illinois agility test by 3seconds I did not reach this target as I only decreased it by 1.24 seconds.

Explain what progress or improvements you have made as a result of completing the programme. After completing the programme I have noticed that i’m not so out of breath when doing exercise and can carry on for longer. Also in my sport have noticed more control over my body parts due to the increase in muscle strength. If you were going to continue with the programme what changes would you make? If I was going to continue with the training programme I would increase the intensity by increasing the working time a\and the decrease the rest time. I would do it more frequently like 3 times per week instead of 2 to see more improvement. I would incorporate other training method such as cross training or interval training to work on my stamina. other training methods

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