Topic and Clinical Case Description



Topic and Clinical Case Description:

The Case:

George, age 38, and Sharon age 32, have been married for15 years. This is George’s second marriage. They have two teenaged children ages 13 and 15 from this marriage. George is an investment banker with a large firm and Sharon is a school teacher. George has had a long standing problem with alcohol and his first marriage also ended because of drinking problem. George has been attending various seminars and meeting to control his drinking habit. He can now be categorized as recovering alcoholic. One of the major problems faced by George is that his wife Sharon is also an alcoholic. The continuous use of alcohol around him is creating problems and emotionally distressing him. Through the period of active drinking, the therapists were able to ascertain patterns of drinking and triggers. Spouse-related triggers were in a continuous review. In other words Sharon as being the functional alcoholic is not able to protect her husband from some of the negative consequences of drinking, and has been creating immense dysfunction in recovering the alcoholic habit, which is not good for either of them.

My selection of the topic ‘alcoholism’ is due to the harms associated with it. According to the current situation, the rate of alcoholics is increasing rapidly. Hence, alcoholism contributes to several fatal diseases and other worries of life which hinder the everyday activities. I am also interested in exploring the reasons as to why alcoholics abstain from reverting back to their non-alcoholic life.

This case is of Professional interest because I am going into the study of substance abuse and problems regarding the alcoholic treatment and it is of personal interest because it all comes from a long family history of alcoholics which include my husband’s family also considering three factors, which are the degree of alcoholism, the type of alcoholic in the home, and the individual perception of potential harm from living with an alcoholic, especially when trying to recover the problem. In it we have to discuss family issues that need to be taken care of, to anticipate high risk situations that might be forth- coming and to problem solve about how we can handle the issue. Also have to discuss frequency and intensity of spouse urges to drink.

Alcoholism is viewed as a disease and family members have to be cooperative in the treatment for alcoholism. With certain approach, family members should not actively intervene to attempt to change the alcoholic’s drinking. They are motivated to detach from the world and other activities and focus on themselves to help their emotional distress and to increase their skills. Hence, according to the family systems theory, interdependence within the system is appreciated.

The general focus of the following case is how to get ourselves free of the unnecessary pain and suffering that result from living with an alcoholic or drug dependent person. Within this context we are going to explore codependency and its relation to the female partner of the recovering male alcoholic, there will be an exploration into the area of feminism as it relates to the therapy of the spouse. I will also discuss the treatment for problem drinkers and couples alcohol-focused treatment. Through my research I would be able to solve the persisting problems faced by the family and the society because of alcoholism.







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