Thyroid Disease

“Mischief just seems to follow wherever Dennis appears, but it is the product of good intentions, misdirected helpfulness, good-hearted generosity, and, possibly, an overactive thyroid … The Merchant of Dennis the Menace. “Hank Ketchum Additionally when comparing Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism, it is useful to consider the symptoms, treatment, and life with the disease. The hidden truth about thyroid disease and what every person should know, how it affects not only the body, but also the affects that these diseases have on mental stability and memory is astounding.

What everyone doesn’t know, but should know about these two diseases. Knowing more about the symptoms of thyroid disease is useful knowledge for any one person that has a family member with the disease or has concerns for them. Also thyroid disease can be hereditary, if a family member has the disease it is likely that another member in the family has it or will get it. Uncontrollable weight gain is of the most common symptoms, and most talked about for hypothyroid disease. What they don’t say is that losing the weight is next to impossible, and when the weight gain will stop.

As one of the thyroid glands functions is to release hormones in the system to regulate the metabolism, if the metabolism isn’t regulated weight gain is inevitable, amongst this symptom are the uncommon symptoms of intolerance to cold, memory loss, dry skin, and hair loss, with hypothyroid disease the thyroid is no longer producing enough of this hormone for a healthy thyroid gland, compared to hyperthyroid the thyroid gland is over producing hormones, and this leads to uncontrollable weight loss even with a high caloric diet, weight loss will continue.

The uncommon symptoms are depression, intolerance to heat, and again hair loss, however with both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid once treated these symptoms will start to lessen under a physician’s care.

The treatment for hypothyroidism, depending on the severity of the disease, what form of hypothyroidism is diagnosed will be the deciding factor in how the disease is treated, for most the treatment is a Synthroid medication, how much medication is taken daily will depend on the TSH levels in the blood system, in order to find out what the TSH level is generally a blood test will revile the level, at the same time it will be recommended to continue having regular blood test ran as these levels can change frequently along with the amount of medication, having regular blood work done, along with regular visits to the treating physician will help with maintaining a healthy thyroid gland.

However the treatment for hyperthyroid disease is completely different, still blood work will be needed to determine the over activity of the thyroids hormone release, since hyperthyroidism can be cured, furthermore this treatment will depend on the age of the person, their general health, and the condition of the thyroid gland.

The most common treatment is an anti-hormone medication until the thyroid gland is functioning at normal hormones levels, in the same way treatment will be decided by the attending physician. Living with thyroid disease has its challenges, but is manageable as long as the individual follows the medical advice that has been given to them by their attending physician, although it is recommended to seek out a specialist in this area. Hypothyroid disease will require blood work maintence that should happen at a minimum of every six months to ensure the TSH levels are staying within the required levels, adjustments to the medication may be necessary until the right level is maintained for a minimum of six months or as recommended by the physician.

During this time one will be overwhelmingly fatigued, but will get better as time goes on, and the treatment has been successful, there will be days when the body is full of energy on the other hand there will be days that more sleep is required than usual, getting out of bed will be a chore, bones and joints will be constantly sore and painful to the touch, nevertheless it is a manageable disease even though the treatment is time consuming, still it just will take perseverance and patience to make everything fall into place, also changing the daily diet, adding in super foods that can help with the thyroid function, such as eating more fresh fruits, grains, vegetables and lean proteins in addition to changing regular cooking oil to coconut oil for all cooking that requires cooking oil.

Coconut oil is better for thyroid function, is doesn’t make food taste like coconuts, food won’t have that oil taste, is better for you, and will help elevate the thyroid in a more natural way. Cutting out white foods, such as sugar, white flour, dairy, and caffeine will also help with repairing the function of the thyroid gland.

This will be a lifelong change for any individual that develops hypothyroidism since it cannot be reversed. The symptoms can change constantly; any change in the thyroid hormone will create changes in the symptoms for the better or worse, even though cutting out white foods and changing the diet, adding in super foods, medication cannot be skipped as it can have a negative effect on the system. Although living with hyperthyroidism in comparison is completely different, but changes will need to be made in the same way, such as learning to relax, take things in stride, at the same time look into taking up a meditation class, yoga class or get regular massages.

Regular exercise is also recommended as doing any one of these daily regimens will help with the healing process of this disease. When the individual follows the treatment plan recommended and maintains a healthy balanced diet, hyperthyroid disease is reversible, and the thyroid will once again be thriving and healthy unlike hypothyroidism which cannot be reversed. Life is manageable with hypothyroid disease or hyperthyroid disease, once you have a clear understanding of the treatment, symptoms and how to live a healthy life with either of these chronic diseases. There is not enough getting done in the research industry to find the key to what is the cause of thyroid disease, and how we can create more viable medications to enhance the patient’s livelihood.

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Hyperthyroidism, otherwise known as thyrotoxicosis, is a disease where the thyroid is overactive. Although the thyroid is not a large-sized gland located on the front of the neck, it is a big part of the endocrine system that produces a …

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Hyperthyroidism, otherwise known as thyrotoxicosis, is a disease where the thyroid is overactive. Although the thyroid is not a large-sized gland located on the front of the neck, it is a big part of the endocrine system that produces a …

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