The Warm-up Stretches

These warm ups will include exercises to stretch my quadriceps, hamstrings, deltoids and gastrocnemius. I need to stretch my quadriceps (quads) because they allow the leg to bend and straighten. The hamstrings need to be warmed up because they allow the movement of the hips and the knee. The deltoids allow the shoulders to move in all directions and the gastrocnemius (calf) assists in walking, running and jumping movements. To stretch your quadriceps you have to stand on one foot and lift the other one up against your back of your leg. You should feel the quads on the top of your legs.

You stretch you hamstrings by firstly placing your feet side by side. You then put one foot, of the leg you want to stretch, one step further than the other one. You than straighten the leg you want to stretch and bend the other, putting some pressure on it. You should feel the muscle under your leg. To stretch the deltoid you need to put one arm bent with your hand touching your neck. You than place the other hand on top and apply some pressure. To stretch the gastrocnemius you need to place one put in front of the other and push down on the front leg.

You than feel your leg being stretched. Evaluation I think that my planning was very accurate and that anyone who wanted to do a training schedule could follow it. I think this because I put a lot of detail into each station saying how it was specific to my sport and how they could be changed depending on who was doping it. I think that the level of intensity was fairly high. This is because by week 5 I was finding it hard to do 25 press ups and I had to put in too much pressure to do it.

I think that I did fairly well on the other stations and that I had reached my goal. I think that the layout of my training circuit was very effective and I found it very easy to use. The table I designed so that I could see what I had to do was very easy to understand and was very effective. In my pre-test I got fairly high scores on all of the tests, but I think that I did not do very well on my push ups. I think that once I had done the pre-test I should have changed the schedule so that I was able to do the right amount of push ups.

My post-test results were very good as I beat all of my pre-test results. I think that I had achieved my aim of improving my fitness. I think that my results proved that my training schedule was effective to my specific reasons. I think that all of my stations were very specific to my sport, football, and that they would not need to be changed at all. If I did the circuit again than I would have added more stations which focused on skills, not fitness. By doing this I would put a lot more emphasis on football skills, making it specific to that sport.

I applied the principles of training to every station and I think that by doing this I was able to work out how to change them as the weeks progressed. This also helped me work out how much overload to put into the stations. All the stations were very manageable because I had made it so I needed minimal equipment, such as a football and cones. By the end of the training schedule I got fairly bored and tired out. I think that this was because there was not enough variation and that I had put too much progression into five weeks.

If I had made the stations more exciting, like adding some matches, I could have avoided the boredom. I made very little changes to my training schedule; I only had to change two times because I had to go out to visit places. When I went to the beach I still tried to keep my schedule going by buying a ball and using objects as cones. I found that the circuit was very easy to set up. Overall, I think that using the data I collected, before and after my training schedule, I had reached my goal of improving my skills and fitness.

After the training schedule my aerobic threshold had gone up and I was able to go longer an-aerobically. I think that this happened because of my training schedule and that by hiring the threshold I am now able to do far more things for longer periods of time. For example, I think that I would now be able to run further an-aerobically than I used to be able to do. This shows that I made very good progress and that if I could I would continue to do this training schedule with very little or no changes.

My circuit was well planned. I knew exactly when and where each exercise was going to be set out because I had a trial run, to test out all my stations. I also knew what equipment I needed and how …

Purpose/aim of the programme in relation to prior fitness, performance levels and any injuries/health problems. The aim of my circuit is to improve my skills or fitness in a particular sport. I have chosen to base my circuit on football. …

I have decided to write a training program because I need to improve my fitness and level of performance in the sport of football. This program links to my sport because it helps improve aspects of my game which I …

This principle refers to the relevance of the choice of exercise to the activity to be improved, which is javelin in this case. The exercises should be specific so that after the 6-week training period, I will be able to …

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