The “Supersized” Issue of Fast Foods and Obesity

Fast food companies, shall I say, are the big boys of the food industry. Obesity is now become a prevalent of society. The fast food industry is currently being blamed responsible for the problem of obesity. Is this quick and baseless judgment? Or should fast food companies be held legally accountable for obesity or other health problems of their consumers? Fast foods are relatively cheaper than other foods, not to mention they are served fast. These are just two of the many reasons why fast foods had become embedded in our culture, not to mention the persistent heavy advertising of their product.

This particular issue has been explored by the movie “Supersize Me. ” “Supersize Me” is a documentary film by writer and director Morgan Spurlock. The movie talks about how a diet that is comprised of fast food products would lead an individual to being overweight. In the movie, Spurlock had undergone an experiment wherein he subjected himself to a whole month totally dependent of the products of McDonald’s. Also, he has to supersize whenever he is asked to do so. As a result of his experiment he had become overweight, suffered depression, and even lost libido.

The movie had also cited the lawsuit that was posed against McDonald’s by two young girls who became overweight, allegedly because of the fast food company. Although the lawsuit had failed to pin the company responsible of the accusation. (Spurlock) The trial for the lawsuit was intended to determine who is legally responsible for the two girls’ obesity. Perhaps it would be important to ask, are there any more factors that had lead to the girls’ obesity other than the fast foods?

Diet is of course the major factor in cases of obesity, but still there are other factors. Lack of physical activity could also lead a person to obesity. This particular factor has also been a major criticism on “Supersize Me”, as Spurlock opt for taxi rides instead of walking during the course of his experiment. (Fuchs) This aspect of the discussion will lead us to other queries: why are there people who do not get overweight even though they consume the same amounts of food?

Another aspect that should be explored is nature of obesity. According to Kiess, obesity could also be a result of other factors. An unhealthy diet is a major factor, but it is not the only factor. Genetics could also be factor to obesity. There are just some people that could easily accumulate weight. These people have the body type that is called endomorphic. (Kiess) In a fair trial, both sides should be investigated thoroughly. Is it possible that the blame should be pointed to those who suffer obesity?

Again, it all boils down to the discussion of responsibility It could be argued that the fast food industry could not be blamed for the people’s obesity. They are just merely selling their products. The fast food industry is not coercing anyone to eat their products.


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