The Keys Issues In Sport

Curling is a sport found only in Scotland. It is a precision team sport similar to bowls or bocce, played on a rectangular sheet of prepared ice by two teams of four players each, using heavy polished granite stones which they slide down the ice towards a target area called the house. Points are scored for the number of stones that a team has closer to the center of the target than the closest of the other team’s stones. The level of precision and complex nature of the strategic thinking required to win has led curling to be referred to as “chess on ice.”

Wales Korfball is a team ball game, similar in many ways to mixed netball. It is played in over forty countries. The countries with the most players are the Netherlands and Belgium. Korfball differs from other team sports in that it is a mixed-gender game: a team consists of four men and four women. Korfball is played either indoors or outdoors on a court divided into two halves called zones. In each zone there is a post (3.5m, shorter for the young) with a basket at the top.

This is positioned at two thirds of the distance between the Centre line and the back of the zone. The ball is almost similar to the one used for association football. There are two teams, each consisting of eight players: two men and two women of each team in each zone (attack and defense). Players score by throwing the ball through the other team’s basket. After two goals the teams change zones: the defenders become attackers and attackers defenders. At half time the teams swap halves of the court.

Northern Ireland Gaelic football is played by teams of 15 on a rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end. The primary object is to score by pushing the ball through the goals. The team with the highest score at the end of the match wins. Players advance the ball up the field with a combination of carrying, soloing (dropping and then toe-kicking the ball upward into the hands), kicking, and hand-passing to their teammates.

Gaelic football is one of four native Irish sports run by the GAA, the largest and most popular organization in Ireland. It has strict rules on player amateurism and the pinnacle of the sport is the inter county All-Ireland Football Final. The game is believed to have descended from ancient Irish football known as caid, which date back to 1537, although the modern game took shape in 1887. How Sports Participation Is Encouraged Sports participation is encouraged by all children having to do physical education at school.

With them having to do at least an hour a week it gives them a chance to experience different sports and they get to enjoy them and maybe make them decide them to join a team of some kind. Another way it is being encouraged is with all the different training and coaching programs there are for example, the Persil coaching program. There are also taster session’s available at most sporting clubs and teams who give young people a chance to try all different kinds of sport and find the right one that suits them. With that come promotional events, which give special offers on their activities, which encourages them to want to take part.

The Keys Issues In Sport With fewer girls playing it will decrease the interest in women’s sports and may not be played or watch ever again. This is because when they get to a certain age girls tend to like other things like shopping and their looks and make-up and boys instead of playing sports like they would do if they were still young. Fewer Black People Fewer black people are playing sports because there is a lot of discrimination about in today’s sporting environment. This can put a lot of black people off of playing sports, which shouldn’t happen.

Government The government is influencing participation in sport by setting up the training and coaching programs. These invite kids and teens to join in different sports with some of their favourite sports stars and maybe get them interested in the sport. Disposable Income Disposable Income is the money that is left over after paying bills and paying for food and clothing etc. The amount of disposable income somebody has influences on what a person can do. People may only be able to join local clubs and not have enough money to go head and pay to go all the way up different levels.

Factors That Affect Why People Participate In Sport There are many reasons why people participate in sport, here is a diagram of why people may participate in sport after which I will explain it. The two main ways of being a part of sport is by TAKING PART and SPECTATING. In taking part you are either playing on a team in that particular sport so say, for example, Goalkeeper in Football. Officiating, which means being a referee in the game or match of the particular sport. Coaching is like the “Backstage” teams behind the players they help train the players and help with other things such as injuries.

Spectating in sport simply means travelling to go see a particular sport of team play either professionally, for charity events or locally, e.g. if children are playing. Factors That Affect Participation in Sport There are lots of factors that affect or influence people’s participation in sport, These are known as Barriers for Participation. Barriers for Participation Injury Injury is one of the main factors for stopping participation in sport. An example of an injury is A Broken Arm from playing Rugby. Disabilities Many things count as disabilities, things that stop people from acting or behaving the way they would usually for example, Loss of Limbs, Blind, and Trouble with Learning.

Money Money can be a problem when wanting to take part in sport, some people have a lack of disposable income which stops them from being able to join in like everybody else. Gender Gender is important because girls have more “fragile” bodies than what men do as they have things like the womb, which can get damaged, if they choose to play an aggressive sport like Rugby. Ability So people don’t lose their self-confidence they need to start playing at a sport that they can cope with or feel best at, with other people who are also at their level.

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