The fitness components

The aim of this 6 week programme was to improve my agility and stamina. These were chosen in particular, as it seemed to be the crucial components acquired for basketball. For Agility, I undertook the ‘Illinois Run Test’ and I managed to achieve 18 seconds. This was above average when comparing it to all my other colleague’s results. In fact, I got the fifth best score. The highest in my set was 13.34 seconds. In the Stamina section, the bleep test determined our level. I scored 10. This was also above average when compared to the class. The highest score achieved was 11.1. Yet I chose both of these specific components, as it will increase my ability to take part in Basketball profoundly.

I did one activity per component, continuous running for stamina, and a ladder drill for agility. I chose these specific methods of improvement as it was quite easy to set up by myself and simultaneously very effective. The ladder training was very adaptable. I did 6 weeks of training using these two methods. Each week, I did 6 days of exercise with just one day as a resting period.

In order to actually improve and gain benefit, each week I made the routine harder which was merely incorporating ‘Principles of Training’ in my PEP. For stamina, I started from 25 runs and added 5 minutes each week, thus the last week I was running for a total of 50 minutes. For agility, I did the two different sequence 50 times and added 10 more repeats each week, thus the last week I was doing a total of 100 for each I set the recovery time the same for all the weeks.

The programme was very suitable for me since I did a lot of analysis and prepared the solution myself according to my results and knowledge of my own ability. Hence, I applied ‘specificity’ another ‘Principles of Training’. Evaluation of Performing Throughout the programme I have applied all the principles of training: Specifically-to the sport I have chosen and the fitness I have chosen to improve. These fitness components are two of the main factors needed in basketball. I did exercises specifically to the fitness components I had chosen.

Progression- As I progressed through my programme I ensured I did the exercises for longer for example running for longer length of time each week. Overload- After each week I made the training more difficult for the next time for example with running. I will increase my pace. Reversibility- I did not quite succeed this although I followed each training as I had programmed it and also asserting that my fitness is actually increasing rather than decreasing. The weather and ankle sprain prevented me from participating for a total of 5 days. However, it did not seem to have caused any reversibility so I was quite relieved.

Tedium- To avoid tediousness I tried to change the environment of where I was undertaking the training. I also tried to entertain myself with music whilst running.Frequency- I increased the number of times I did a particular exercise for example with agility, I increased the number of times I did a particular sequence each week. Intensity- I did this by speeding up my pace whilst running and. I also tried to speed up the pace at which I completed one particular sequence for agility. Type- Ladder drills for agility and continuous running for stamina. Time- As I progress through my programme I spent 5 minutes longer running than the previous week.

The choice of my activities was very suitable and was set out well and in a good order. They were suitable as they were specific to basketball therefore it made the programme more effective and worthwhile. I found my programme overall easy to manage although the last 2 weeks were a bit hard due to overload. There weren’t any technical equipment required or to be set up. The measurements of my heartbeat did not really prove to be that difficult accept for the last few days.

The activities were quite enjoyable. I was very keen to find out just how much I was had improved by. However, this enjoyment only seemed to last for the first few. The other weeks I was struck with boredom as I was carrying out the activities in the same place and all I seem to be changing was overload for example the length of time and pace at which I was running. I did try my best by changing the place that I usually did my training and also entertain by listening music. My effort was consistent throughout the whole programme despite the boredom. I completed the activities each day with all my best. The symptoms such as body aches were proof that I had certainly worked over my limit.

Evaluation of Monitoring

The activities were fairly easy to monitor as I had set everything in such way. Although sometimes, the increase of pace whilst running and doing the ladder drill proved quite difficult. I was forced to make slight changes during the programme, as I was bored to death from the monotonous activity. I thought this factor may decline my progress therefore; I tried doing both activities in different places, bearing in mind of the safety aspects. In addition, I entertained myself by listening to music. However I had predicted these and already planned the solutions. There was an incidence where I had to completely stop the programme for 3 days due to the harsh weather. However, as I am a very keen person, I went down to the gym for the 2 days out of the 3 and performed the running activity on a treadmill.

After the 6-week programme it enabled me to play basketball a bit better. Nevertheless, the thing that really improved was that I did less of ‘puff and pant’ after the match was over. Although I did not achieve my target, I am very happy with my results as I managed to improve significantly. I purposely set my targets very high so as to motivate me and help me get through 6 weeks of constant training. My intention was not to reach the target but to be near it. I was most pleased with my stamina since I nearly reached an ambitious target I set for it.

Final Evaluation

Overall, I am very pleased by undertaking the 6 week programme as it showed an increase in all of my fitness components even if it was a trifle amount. It made the programme very worthwhile and proved that I had correctly set the programme. Before the programme, my agility was 18 seconds. After the programme I completed the agility test in 16.08 seconds, which was tremendous. I had improved significantly. Likewise, for my stamina, I got 11.7 in the ‘Bleep Test’ after the programme, a remarkable improvement as before the programme, I just had 10.

The other improvement I was thrilled by was my balance because I had planned to develop balance in my programme since this was the lowest I scored in and also it is quite essential in basketball. However, I thought three fitness components would be too much so I excluded it. Nevertheless, after the programme my balance showed an extraordinary improvement, from 5.22 seconds to 20 seconds. The programme has offered considerable benefits to me. I have become much fitter and a valuable player in basketball. I have also academically learnt how to compile a training programme, which I may teach others.

The programme was fairly easy to manage, as there weren’t any technical equipment required or to be set up. The measurements of my heartbeat did not really prove to be that difficult accept for the last few days. Everything went according to plan, so it was really easy. At first, I was really motivated as I am a very determined person and look forward in taking challenges. I enjoyed the first few weeks but afterwards the monotonous activities just seemed to be very tedious. However, this did not completely lower my incentive, as I was very keen to progress.

The curiosity of how much I would actually improve by and the possible physical benefits I would gain from the programme kept me going for the last couple of weeks. In future, there is not much I would change with the programme I have set myself. The only major issue is tedium. Possible solutions are to carry out activities in different places with the aid of music, in each training set yourself a reasonable target and try to achieve it. This would also be quite an incentive method.

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