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The manner in which all the organs in the body are oriented has great effect to the shape of the specific organ in question. For instance let us take the scrotal sack is placed in the hanging skin between the thighs of the male. The scrotal sac protects testicles that mainly perform ejaculation. This action is therefore protected from happening by the sac being able to regulate temperature to less than the body temperature. The scrotal sac is composed of cells that are greatly packed in layers so that the temperature at any time is capable to be regulated.

Therefore the various organs and tissues in our bodies are mainly done so for a reason. If the shape had not been looked at then the function of the specific organ might not be as expected to meet the internal environment balance. THE SPECIFIC STRUCTURE UNIQUELY SUITED TO ITS FUNCTIONS The various organs in the body are placed in an orientation that will favor the best performance. The immune system has organs called the lymphoid organs being the production site for the lymphocytes.

Which are the main characters in the ensuring that the balance needed by the body in the functions needed is thus achieved. Bones that are in all organisms have bone marrows which are soft; this is the main source of the production of blood including also white cells that are destined to become immune cells. Under the breast bone we also have the thymus which produces the thymocytes. Lymphocytes are able to travel in lymphatic vessels that are running parallel to the veins and arteries hence the monitoring of unwanted organs. The lymphatic vessels carry lymph.

There are also the epithelial cells that are present in the gastrointestinal tract that rely help in the control of our immune system in that they are capable of determining the what needs to go through the epithelial layer or not. And through this we have a barrier too for unwanted organisms from entering our body system. HOW DOES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AFFECT THE OTHER BODY ORGANS The immune system has the spleen, thymus, lymph glands together with cells that enable their functions to be elaborated well. This other cells are called cytokines.

At the entry of an unwanted organism into the body the immune immediately sets an attack using its immune factors. On an account that the immune has failed to perform its task at any one given time, the body sets in to have the following symptoms: • Sores on the body from herpes; • Infections from parasites; • Allergic reactions; • Heart diseases and asthma; • Candida which is an opportunistic disease for the HIV/AIDS virus; • Fatigue and a bad breath; • Then there are also auto immune infections The immune system on the other hand affects the body organs by disorders that are attached to the immune system.

For instance when the immune system is not working well this we call the immunodeficiency. This one is innate and arises when one is born. The symptoms may never show at the tender age but show up later on in life. HIV/AIDS which is an immunodefiency syndrome sets in too. The deficiency can also be brought in by the wrong medication given to a patient. The drugs given suppress the immunity of the patient. There are also other infections that also arise from the effects of the immunity which in turn affect the body.

For instance diseases like lupus which is a joint disease, the other is a disease where the body does not recognize body parts such as the joints, hands and in turn attacks them which is called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Infection to the skin also is from the scleroderma infection, inflammation of the spine and the joints leading to one having stiffness is a disease called ankylosig spondylitis and finally we also have the body inflaming and making damage to the muscles and the skin which is called juvenile dermatomyositis. These are all infections of the autoimmune disorders.

Also when someone is affected by asthma which is a respiratory disease, eczema also known as atopic dermatitis affecting the skin, and allergies that arise from the body not liking certain things e. g. dust ,hay fever and etc. this are all disorders that fall about the allergic disorders. The growth of the cell abnormally gives in the body falling prone to the cancers of the immune system. They are as follows: • Leukemia – the leukocytes overgrow which is most common in kids and teens and is possible to cure, • Lymphoma – the lymphoid tissue is the target and it is mostly common in kids,

Though there are many diseases that do arise from the failure of the immune system to work well, it is advised that one the disorder is know the help of a doctor is highly valuable at the moment. And also before the diagnosis of the same it is better to have a check of the body at any time so that you detect the disease earlier before having a big damage to the body organs. EXPLORE BASIC RESEARCH THAT IS CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE TO HELP US UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC There are researches that have already been done but the most common one being the manner in which the stress of an organism affects the immune system.

This is mainly in the research about the flu on how it sets into the body and how well it takes long before the body is capable to heal the wound. Having been tests that have been done to try to find out how stress does affect the organism. This was done in normal young children who are in school. The study was based on the different aspects of the immune response which are mostly done on the cellular immune. The research was based on how well the body reacts to the vaccination of hepatitis B in relation to the kinds of students who are stressed and those that are not.

This was positive because there was a significant decrease in the manner of antibody response to the injection with the vaccine and also the virus that is specific with the T – cell response. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THE RESEARCH The research has shown that despite being in the same environment the manner in which stress does show up in one person is different from the other person. The response of one to any of the dugs has to be correlated on how well your stress levels are maintained. There is a disadvantage being that the old age people have a higher danger on flu and pneumonia diseases.

This is due to the low response that is shown when the aged are given vaccinations knowing that they are fragile due to their old age. The aged in the bracket of 70 years and more are more susceptible to these attacks of flu and pneumonia. WHAT DON’T WE STILL NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT IT Despite the many studies done to us by scientists what amazes most is that the scientists still cannot be able to eliminate this flu. The nature in which it portrays itself in the human body at any one time is amazing also to the scientists.

There is no limit on the dysynfunction of the immune due to its very widespread nature in the organism’s body. This is all attributed to the nature in which the twentieth century has so many people who are highly stressed.


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