Anatomical or physiological information

Based on this model, it can be assessed that Precious’s condition to faces an impediment with regard to the mind and the emotional aspects. It is important to take note that she has been raped by her father and whenever that happens, she goes into another world which takes her away from what is actually happening. This has then developed insecurity with herself and was reinforced by the mental and physical abuses that she experiences from her mother. Based on Dr. Britton’s model, Precious may have a lot of emotional blockages, leading to frustrations and feelings of inferiority.

This is evident in the movie, where she considers herself as unloved and unappreciated because in the sexual aspect of her life, it was the wrong person, and no intimacy or warmth was provided to her. She then develops feelings of bitterness and the presence inhibitions. Furthermore, she has been infected with the HIV virus, thus affecting her body behavior and further amplifying the emotional blockages. The PLISSIT model of sex therapy makes use of a step by step process for treatment and intervention.

P stands for permission. It is known that sexual problems cause feelings of guilt and anxiety and produces a lot of insecurities or inhibitions. It is thus important that the therapist gives permission to actions that the client or patient is already doing. This can help decrease the amount of suffering the patient may be experiencing. The next step is to provide the client or patient with limited information. It consists of correct anatomical or physiological information that is needed in restoring his/her sexual functioning.

Aside from providing information, there are times when the client needs to be further educated on her concerns in order to avoid false beliefs and unrealistic expectations. After providing information and clearing out false beliefs towards a specific condition, specific suggestions may be given to the client such as exercises and other activities which is customized to meet the client’s needs. For intense cases, this requires the use of intensive therapy, which is a long-term intervention addressing the complex cases and the underlying causes (“PLISSIT Model”, n. d. ). Treatment Plan

In Precious’s case, the PLISSIT model can be used as an intervention for her sexual development. In the movie, Precious was raped by her father. This created incorrect concepts and false beliefs in her system. She also has been infected with the HIV virus. This model can help her realize that she is loved and appreciated and diminish her sexual inhibitions. The first step of the treatment plan based on the PLISSIT model is to give Precious permission on the actions that she has already been doing such as her fantasies. It is important to take note that she must avoid the feelings of guilt and anxiety that resulted from her condition.

She also should be given factual information on sexual health in order to give her insights on how she could take care of her sexual well-being as well as how to help her cope with her HIV infection. Suggestions will then be given to her on proper methods in ensuring such information is utilized. These steps can be done in one session. However, because of the physical, emotional, sexual, and mental abuses that she experienced from her parents, Precious requires intensive treatment. As shown in the movie, Precious is also a minor and is therefore delicate for her age. She is also not fully literate.

Thus, intensive treatment should be incorporated in her treatment plan to resolve the different concerns that revolve around her condition.

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