The AIDS campaign

The AIDS campaign also focused on HIV transmission among IDUs who were urged not to share needles. Though this program did not have widespread implementation, it achieved a significant reduction in infection cases where applied. Another policy targeted transmission through blood transfusion. Blood banks were obligated to screen all blood donations before transfusion. This had the effect of drastically reducing HIV transmission through blood transfusion. Finally, the government has targeted transmission from mother to child. All expectant women are tested and treatment commenced where found to be positive to preempt the infant from infection.

( Levi, Guido, Carlos, 2002) The civil society too has been instrumental in the fight against the epidemic. They have complemented the government in public campaign, treatment and rehabilitation. They have been successful largely due to their closeness with the community. They have also advanced the rights those living with the HIV/AIDS. (Levi, Guido, Carlos, 2002) The fight have encountered many challenges varying from high cost of drugs especially due to patenting of drugs to withholding of donor support due to conflict of interest.

This have been challenging having in mind Brazil is a developing nation. (Levi, Guido, Carlos, 2002) To reduce the rate of new infections, the AIDS initiative in Brazil should focus on women and thus engage in tackling factors that predispose women to AIDS infection. While the fight against the disease has been largely successful in Brazil its worrying to note that the ratio of women infected has consistently been growing and they now account for 10% of all reported cases 90% of these detected in the last 10 years.

The most affected group is young women and teenage girls whose ratios are even higher. This is because of the women’s stature in society. They mainly have older partners who may not bother to engage in safe sex practices. Those who request for condom use may be subjected to violence and abuse. They consent to unsafe sex to appease their partners. Female condoms use should be enhanced further. There should also be concerted effort to empower women in society and also economically.

Here is need to do a way with culturally oppressive beliefs. The government will also target the youth to ensure that they fully know the means of transmission, prevention and dealing with the disease. This group is sexually active and may be prone to reckless sexual activity. The program will constantly identify changes in trends and cultures among this group and come up with dynamic intervention. The youth will prefer something trendy and condom manufactures will be encouraged to induce new brands targeting this group.

The program will also enlist help from youth idols such as musicians to help spread the message. The main objective will be to ensure that the youth are well equipped and knowledgeable on how to avoid HIV/AIDS

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