Terry Fox Essay

?Terry Fox is a very well known Canadian who has made a large impact on Canadian history. In March 1977, Terry discovered he had a malignant tumor in his leg. The tumor in his leg forced him to have it amputated just above the knee. Terry had a goal of running across Canada in order to raise money for cancer research. His original goal was to raise one million dollars, and then later on changed his dream to 23 million. He hoped that he could raise a dollar towards cancer research for every Canadian there was.

After 143 days of running Terry had to stop running just outside Thunder Bay, due to the cancer spreading to his lungs. In 1981, after Terry received many awards and raised much more money, he sadly passed away. Even after his death, Terry Fox is one Canadian who made a great difference in Canadian history. He made a difference because of his contribution to the awareness of cancer, the fact that he is a great role model to others, and how he touched people’s hearts. Firstly is how big of a contribution Terry made to the awareness of cancer.

The day before Terry’s amputation he was reading about how a man with a disability ran a marathon. Reading about that man inspired Terry very much and he decided to run a marathon himself. He did finish in last but with a lot of a support from fans, family members and friends. After the marathon Terry got the idea of running across Canada to raise money for cancer. He felt that not enough money was raised to the cancer research and he knew he could make a difference. He personally sent a letter to the Canadian Cancer Society.

In that letter he wrote, “I’m not a dreamer, and I’m not saying this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. I have to. ” He started off his run with his artificial leg being dipped into the Atlantic Ocean and took off. During his run many radio stations and television stations hear about the Marathon of Hope and broadcasted it everywhere. More and more people were finding out and more and more people were donating money. Terry’s original goal of one million was then raised to 23 million. He hoped to raise a dollar for every Canadian.

Not only were people donating lots of money many people were finding out about cancer. Many people had no idea what cancer was and Terry’s run made them realize. The fact that Terry made so many people understand what cancer was and how much money was needed for the research made a significant difference in Canadian history. After Terry’s death many people still donate money under his name. Also, many runs in honor of Terry and his money raising are still being held to this present day. Secondly, something that shows that Terry Fox made a difference in Canadian history is how great of a role model he is.

Terry is a very strong person who fought through his disability. Terry set a message across that anyone with a disability can still do just about everything, maybe with a few adjustments. He also set another message of don’t give up. Although Terry was forced to stop running due to the cancer spreading, he continued to help get the money raised and kept trying. Terry went through a lot of tough training and pain for the marathon of hope, so he could save lives of many others out there. Terry was a caring person who was not bitter towards his disability; he fought through it no matter what.

To be a good role model or hero you need to be: confident, responsible, respectful, trust worthy, hopeful, patient, enthusiastic, creativity, dedicated and much more. Terry fox has all of those qualities and that is why he would make a great leader. Not only did Terry do something right for others, he did something right for others the right way. By how much effort Terry put into his goal really showed how strong and dedicated he was. He really was a true leader, hero and role model and still is. Thirdly, Terry made a difference to Canada on how much he touched people’s hearts.

Seeing someone do something helpful to others can really change your view on things. It can influence you to try and help out others as well. Terry showed so many people how selfless he was and it really made an impact on others. If Terry hadn’t raised so much awareness and money for cancer research many more people could of lost their lives. It touched people’s heart to know that that one man saved so many. He started something that was heart changing for himself, his family, his community and numerous other people in the world.

People still continue to have marathons in Terry’s name to show how life changing and heart changing he really was. So many people have been inspired by the heart-warming story and have gone out of their way to make a difference. Millions and millions of dollars have been raised thanks to Terry and his great decisions in life. Terry’s dream was to cure cancer, and quickly it became a dream of the nation. Terry’s commitment is what kept everyone going. Terry’s commitment is what also touched so many people’s hearts and inspired so many. He did make a significant change in Canadian history due to how heart warming and true his story is.

Terry Fox is a Canadian who made a significant difference in Canadian history due to his contribution to the awareness of cancer, how great of a role model he is to others, and how well he touched people’s heart. To this date, over six hundred million dollars has been raised for Cancer research in Terry’s name through the Terry Fox run held through Canada and around the world. He was a strong, independent Canadian who didn’t give up and made a great difference to Canadian history. Without Terry Fox many people would not have been as inspired and would not have had such a great role model. He truly was a life changer.

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