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St. Jude Children’s research Hospital is a nonprofit research hospital that deals with pediatric cancer. “The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay. ” (St. Jude Mission Statement. (n. d. ). St. Jude offer treatment for at no cost to their patient family for housing, medication, as well as other expenses.

All of the hospital’s expenses are paid for by donation. Swort Analysis Strengths St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital name is highly recognized. Their donors have a positive perception of the hospital. They specialize in pediatric cancer treatment. Their research helps children all around the world. They have the presence of social media established. Weaknesses There is only one location They fail to connect with everyone that they reach out to for donations. They have a very high operating cost. Their website is not user friendly.

Individual don’t understand eh scope of what St. Jude. They are not the only organization that deals with pediatric cancer. They are not the only organization competing for funding and grants. Opportunities They can use social media to reach the technical generation. The world’s economy is on the climb. Reaching the millennial generation can offer denotations for many years. The Millennial generation has a great wiliness to support many causes. Millennial want to connect with organizations Threats There is competition for other organizations.

Many messages are not connecting with donors. Many donors don’t feel that what they could or would send would make a difference. Many people don’t have extra many in a tight economy. They are not the only non-profit organization. St. Jude has a long and short turn pledge to patients, their parents, the community and partners and must include all characteristics of successful programs. They must have well trained and educated personnel, new technology and equipment.

The progress of these programs is evaluated by the number of children that they treat, and the amount of patients who complete the programs. To have continuous improvements, management will have to understand its own distribution system and its key practices. They must address both its inputs and processes together improve quality of care. For over fifty years, St. Jude has been the leader in the way that pediatric cancer and life- threatening diseases are treated. They have discovered a cure for sickle cell, and eliminated radiation treatment by personalizing chemotherapy St.

Jude’s mission statement is to find cures and find way to prevent pediatric cancer through research and to develop cures and treatment for their patients. It is with this vision that no child has ever been turned away from St. Jude because of prejudice or that their family does not have to mean to pay for medical treatment. This organization has been able to provide free treatment to children and their families who need their support. The hospital has been sponsored through fundraisers and donations. The goal of St. Jude is to find curse for illnesses to save children lives. Since it was founded the time, money and efforts have paid off for children.

The hospitals doctors and researchers have found and administer treatments that have help children to survive childhood cancers. The organization has help children to live better and fulfilling lives. The research that is conducted at the hospital not only helps children that are patients at the hospital, it helps people all around the world who are affected with the illness.

References St. Jude Mission Statement. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 16, 2015, from http://www. stjude. org/stjude/v/index. jsp?

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