City of Hope: Providing Hope for Cancer Patients

City of Hope National Medical Center is located in Duarte, California, just three hours away from Fresno, CA. It was established in 1913 and is not approaching its centennial anniversary. Through the past years, City of Hope is committed to providing compassionate care to the people who seek their assistance. Its mission is to seek cures and treatment methods for a number of diseases that take away people’s lives such as tuberculosis, cancer, HIV and diabetes among others.

The Mission Statement of City of Hope is as follows: “City of Hope is an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, is dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, guided by a compassionate patient-centered philosophy, and supported by a national foundation of humanitarian philanthropy. ” This mission statement is backed by the hospital’s army of competent medical practitioners and scientists who are providing health care to people and undertaking cutting edge research to curb the mortality rate of dangerous diseases.

In this case then, those who are faced with the very real possibility of death because of these diseases can literally find hope in the City of Hope. The hospital caters to the health care needs of people from different age levels—from children to adults. The only necessary criterion for them to be served is that they are suffering any of the diseases that they provide assistance to.

The services of the hospital include bone marrow transplantation, which my cousin undergoes every 2-3 months because she suffers from Polycythemia vera (PV), which is a blood disorder that leads to abnormally high levels of red and white blood cells and the platelets. Through the help of the hospital, my cousin is doing well even after five years of being diagnosed. When we visited the hospital, it was very neat and orderly and exuded the look of a well-managed hospital.

The different sections of the hospital were carefully arranged so that the area for tuberculosis patients was separated from those with HIV and AIDS. IN addition to that, they also made provisions for their visitors to be comfortable through several services such as the catering of food for visitors and areas where they can watch television while waiting. During our visit to the City of Hope, we managed to take a look at some of the services they offered and the list of their services was impressive.

It included treatment for different kinds of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease program, lungs, genetics, diabetes and other kinds of life-threatening diseases. The City of Hope Medical Center is already more than 90 years old yet it has lived up to its legacy and continues to provide hope to thousands of people who are fighting for their lives against diseases that can end their life anytime soon. The patients in California also rated the City of Hope as one of the best in the State and even in the whole United States.

The buildings of the City of Hope also communicated the importance of its research projects as well as its mission of helping people in their fight for their lives. Their nurses and doctors were also very helpful to us during the time that we visited the hospital for my own cousin’s treatment. Given the high acceptance of people for the hospital and for the good service we received, I know for a fact that City is Hope is fulfilling its role in literally providing hope for people who are hopeless with disease.

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